CE5 E Cig Review

About once a year, give or take a few months, the major manufacturers of e cigarettes create a new generation of their eGo products and APVs. This CE5 e cig review will look at this recent generation of e cig product that has since been overtaken by a CE6.

Who Makes the CE5?

There are brand name and generic CE5 e cigs, tanks, and batteries available. If you want to keep your transaction as cheap as possible, buy a made-in-China nameless version for way below retail. E-tailers also buy them wholesale and sell them for great prices. Stardust and Aspire makes them, but some comparisons suggest you might want to avoid the Stardust version.

Technical Improvements

Apparently, the CE5 improves on a CE4 by removing the danger of burning by changing the wick and taking out materials that would dry out. Dry material inside the atomizer gives you an acrid taste and burnt sensation when the liquid runs out.

Also, leakage is reduced. Manufacturers say there is no leakage, but this is overstating the case a bit, and that would depend on the quality of manufacture.

You can draw on a CE5 without having an aneurysm too, although Stardust versions are reportedly stiff. Some users write how they tried to increase vent holes to get better resistance, but customers should not have to do this with their products to be satisfied.

Reports on vapor production and throat hit range from okay to great.

E Cig Kits

E-tailers are selling loads of these products, which means there are knock-offs and alternatives at fabulous prices and plenty of reviews to go with them. Kits are a great value with a battery, case, and juice or a needle bottle supplied.

It is advisable to buy a kit or at least shop where tanks and batteries are supplied together. One writer lamented that sizing changes slightly with each new model making compatibility a potential issue.