EGo E Cigarettes

An eGo cigarette is not a brand but a type of vaping device. Several companies produce them. Skip basic e cig companies with their two-part beginners’ devices and you find many examples of eGo e cigarettes.

Joyetech eGo Starter KitAppearances

An eGo e cig is a hybrid between an advanced tank system and a simpler e cig. While it is slim and long like a regular cigarette, the mouthpiece is a giveaway.

Also, e cigs with cartridges are one width from top to bottom. An eGo e cigarette features a tapered tank so that, when combined, the device becomes slimmer toward the top.

They are available in several shades of metallic coating and tend to stand out more than cigalikes. Users must have the confidence to use them in public and get noticed.


Cigalikes (e cigs which resemble real cigarettes) come with batteries of about 200 to 300mAh, give or take 20mAh. This is relevant to the amount of vapor you enjoy, throat hit, and how long a battery will hold its charge. Most of these starter cigs only last for a couple of hours, though they charge relatively quickly.

An eGo e cig uses a 650mAh battery or better. The result is your mouth fills with more vapor for longer. Most smokers switch to e cigs when they quit smoking, but soon decide they want more out of the experience. When they make this decision, an eGo gives them the better performance they crave.


Another advantage of switching to an eGo product is that you can fill the cartridge with juice. This is true with some regular e cigs too, where the blank cartridge is designed to be refilled. Still, not only is it standard to refill eGo tanks, but tanks are bigger so they hold more juice for longer vaping sessions.


Expect to pay around $35 to $45 for an eGo express kit, compared with around half that price for an e cig express kit. The major reason is that the battery is so much more powerful.


Lots of companies make eGo batteries and cartridges or tanks. As long as their atomizers are threaded the same way, these items are interchangeable. Usually, you are looking for a 510 thread to go with an eGo battery.

This just means the two parts screw together naturally. This is why many e cig stores sell some parts from Innokin and some from Joyetech, etc., but not always the whole set of goods needed to build a set from one or the other company.

They don’t need to when their parts are designed to work together. Just make sure you keep the whole thing clean. Atomizer heads can also be changed so you do not end up throwing out good parts with bad.

The Next Step

An eGo is not the last and best version of a vaping device. Variable voltage products allow users to set the voltage so they take as much or as little as they want from the battery at a time, or to adjust the machine as the battery wears out. An eGo starts to feel like a portable e cig once you graduate to a variable voltage because of its relative simplicity.