Joyetech eVic Review

Joyetech devices usually get sturdy ratings and an enthusiastic response from customers. They tend to withstand a bit of rough usage, are compatible with lots of other parts, and pricing varies depending on the vapor retailer or e-tailer you shop with. Experiences with Joyetech devices from earlier days of vaping, such as their eGo models, should have prepared consumers for many elements of a Joyetech eVic review.

First Thoughts

For one thing, it looks like a high-tech electronic device on the outside, so you will feel like a pro just holding this thing. The display is fantastic, with digits and letters delineated more clearly than I have seen on any other screen of this size.

The price is a bit unexpected because most Joyetech models are more affordable, but there is a good reason for the higher price. The Joyetech eVic lives up to its high-tech appearance.

Battery Protection

The unit provides battery protection on several levels. Monitor the power and voltage plus temperature. Overheating is dangerous. Watch out for short circuiting too. These features are not just useful, but also money-saving. By protecting this expensive device, you can extend its life and maintain quality vaping.

Features of the eVic

Close to the top there is a panel where the screen is located, but also a tiny USB port. Charge the battery while it is still inside the eVic. Turn the ring at the bottom of the panel to change the screen and set options, like a puff counter, date, and your name. Set the voltage or wattage for maximum vaping performance.

Using a computer to chart your use of an electronic vaping device is not necessary to enjoy the habit anymore than you already do, but if you want that feature, this is the model to buy. Software comes with the product so you can keep track of puffs, voltage settings, and so on.