WISMEC Venti Kit

In coffee lingo, Venti is the word for a large-sized cup of java (as opposed to Tall and Grande or small and medium). WISMEC, a subsidiary of Joyetech, uses the term to refer to their giant WISMEC Venti Kit measuring 30 mm in width and 112.7 mm in length when fully constructed.

The Kit contains both the battery and atomizer with no need to buy a cell separately. Here is what WISMEC has to offer with their new tube mod.

Wismec Venti Kit

Big E Cig

This is a huge mod, wider than just about anything else. I can’t tell you why they chose such a big format, but perhaps in order to make room for a capacious tank in a relatively short format.

Their tank holds 5.8 ml which is extremely generous and would create a far longer tank if not for the wider dimension. It’s bound to be heavy since the tube is made from stainless steel. Maybe keep one in your purse for self-defense as well as vaping.

Really Big Battery

WISMEC’s built-in cell is rated 3000mAh. That is a fantastic amount of power and worth more to a vapor than a venti coffee. If you were to purchase Americanos every day for a month in that size, you would pay a lot more than you do for the Venti Kit, priced about $50.

Two Atomizer Heads

There are replaceable coils inside the Venti atomizer, two of which are supplied with the kit. They provide resistance of 0.5 and 1 ohm respectively. With these coils in place you aren’t seeking significant clouds, but vapor will be warm and tasty.

WISMEC’s chipset, however, supports resistance as low as 0.15 ohms and up to 5 ohms; from sub-ohms to ordinary coil builds for intermediate vaping. Keep that in mind when you’re thinking of replacing the big tank with a smaller one featuring rebuildable coils.

Any big error atop your RBA coil deck with a DIY Kanthal build won’t be a problem because you’ve got such a lot of room for error.

Safety Features from WISMEC

Then again, even if you made a mistake in your build or there was some fault in the machine or the metal that led to an error outside your control, WISMEC’s system is protected against a short circuit. There is no screen to display that a short-circuit took place but the device will cease to operate and send you a light signal.

Other precautions include over-time prevention stopping you from puffing longer than 10 seconds at a time and low voltage protection. Not only is the screen missing but there is just a single, horizontal button sitting flush with the mod tube. You can’t adjust wattage or voltage any way other than by changing the resistance of your coil.

Refill E Juice

This is a bottom fill tank. Unscrew it from the stainless steel base and make sure e liquid does not get into the air pipe. Screws are 510-threaded, technically compatible with other tanks even if they don’t look right. Still, at least it’s good to know you’ve got a choice. Joyetech makes some great tanks like their Delta series and eGo One RBAs.

Final Words on the Venti Kit by WISMEC

The WISMEC Venti Kit is made from stainless steel and also features a USB port. You don’t take the battery out, so recharge the cell using this port connected to a laptop by a cable which is included with WISMEC’s $50 set.

The mouthpiece is part of the top cap, resting above a very narrow window of glass. Beneath this is an airflow adjustment valve so you can change the resistance of your draw according to the sort of vaping inhalation you prefer: Mouth-to-Lung (MTL) or Lung vaping.

For more power and customization from WISMEC, look for their regulated mods. Both the Reuleaux and Presa are top-selling variable devices.