Good E Juice | What Is The Best E Cig Juice?

Good EJuice specializes in custom made electronic cigarettes and high volume customized e-liquid. The company unlike other e cig brands tries to cater different audience. It has numerous electronic cigarettes at display which are a bit different from your convenient ecigs. What really makes them different is the combination of high powered battery ecigs with very unique e-liquid flavors.

Ecigs by Good Ejuice

Electronic cigarettes at display by Ejuice feature batteries from Joye, eGo and Kanger. These batteries unlike your typical electronic cigarette are stronger and tend to last longer. This is because a typical Joye or eGo battery runs at 900mAh powered battery. This not only gives the electronic cigarette more charge life, but also enables it to produce a denser and harder vapor. Moreover, these customized batteries come with atomizers that can easily be filled with flavors of your choice. A huge list of flavors is available from Good Ejuice to pick up from.

Good Ejuice Flavors

Good Ejuice specializes in producing custom blends of different flavors. For each of its electronic cigarette, the company has created many different blends to go with. For instance, if you bought their Joye electronic cigarette starter kit, you have the option to pick about 23 unique mixtures. Some of the most popular blends include Menthol, Peach, Tobacco and cappuccino. Good Ejuice gives you the power to mix and blend flavors on your own since these come in liquid refill bottles. You can easily grab a couple of different flavors and brew your own unique blend at home.

Ease of Use

Ecigs by Good Ejuice are made for advanced ecig users. If you have no idea about brewing flavors at home or don’t know about how certain ecig batteries work, you might find the product a bit overwhelming. There is a lot of DIY involved, especially when you have to refill the electronic cigarette. This is because most of the electronic cigarettes displayed on the company’s list of product do not include a cartomizer. Their cartridges need refilling from time to time and refilling a cartridge can be a little tricky for new users.

Buying Guide

Good Ejuice has so many different starter kits that it can be quite hard to pick up the right one for you. In order to make the best out of your ecig bought from Good Ejuice, you need to know what each electronic cigarette is capable of. For instance, the eGo battery series by Good Ejuice is designed for advanced electronic cigarette users. This battery type is stronger than your typical ecig battery and is capable of producing a lot of vapor. But on the downside, the battery can be quite heavy to hold and large to carry around with. Just like any customized ecig, the eGo series can be mixed with plenty of different blends available from the manufacturer. Speaking of blends, Good Ejuice has different blends for each of the electronic cigarette it has. So make sure your favorite flavors are a part of your ecig before you buy it. No matter what you choose to buy, you are always backed by a money back guarantee.