V2 E Cigs Review 2020


V2 Cigs is the best e cigarette company and has been since about 2012, in my opinion. They offer something for everyone, and do it in a classy, sophisticated way. (Without sacrificing technology).

v2cigsIf you’re looking for a top top quality electronic cigarette, with the perfect amount of options, look no further than V2.

Between taste, which is the best, and other aspects such as battery operation, aesthetics, and just the right accessories, look no further. Scroll all the way down for some nice HD pics of V2 products.

Bullet Points:

I’ll cover some points, then break it down further down the page.

V2-Cigs-RedFlavor – Exceptional! They have the most popular tobacco flavor on the market, and just the right amount of other flavors to keep you happy, such as menthol, vanilla, coffee and even cherry and grape. Their Red flavor is a must!

Batteries – Outstanding! Their standard batteries are light weight, and have a nice life for standard sized batteries. They have long batteries and the new EX batteries for even more power. The long batteries last a good 4-8 hours depending how much you use them, and the EX even longer, with added strength.

Vapor Production – Awesome! I don’t know what they do, but their cartridges produce awesome vapor, and the 18%’s deliver an excellent throat hit!

Options – Perfect! They have exactly what you need for options, nothing more, and they are all top notch. Their portable charging cases is as sleek as we’ve seen, and they even have a bunch of sick battery colors. Additionally they took the design up a notch with the EX series.

Accessories – Home Run! They have just what you need, drip tips, and mini tanks called EX Blanks. Just what you need to take things up and add some fun yet functional extras to your vaping experience.

V2 Starter Kits

There are five different starter kits available at V2 Cigs. The starter kits differ in terms of prices and products included. You have the absolute basics to try an e-cig, all the way up to the most extensive kit you’ll find with all the bells and whistles.

The five starter kits available are:

V2-Beginner-Starter-KitV2 Beginner Starter Kit

Available for $34.95, this is the cheapest starter kit offered by the company and a great choice for those who only want to try out the brand initially.

The items included in this kit are:

  • 1 white automatic battery
  • 6 v2 flavor cartridges
  • 1 express charger
  • 1 disposable e cig

V2 Standard Kit

V2-Standard-Starter-KitThe Standard Kit, Standard Plus Kit and Ultimate Kit (discussed below) are suitable for people looking to get all they need to start smoking vapor cigs and have everything they need at their disposal.

The Standard kit is priced at $59.95 and offers the following items:

  • 2 batteries (you choose color and automatic or manual)
  • 10 flavor cartridges
  • 1 wall adapter
  • 1 V2 manual
  • 1 Smart charger

V2 Standard Plus Kit

V2-Portable-Charging-CasesThe Standard Kit Plus offers more items than the Standard kit, naturally because it is priced a bit higher, at $99.95. It has the addition of one of their very sharp portable charging cases.

The kit includes the following items:

  • 2 batteries (your choice of color and automatic or manual)
  • portable charging case
  • 10 flavor cartridges
  • 1 wall adapter
  • 1 smart charger
  • 1 user manual

V2 Couples Kit

V2-Couples-KitThe Couples Kit is two Standard Kits

The kit includes the following items in two kits:

  • 2 batteries (you choose color and automatic or manual)
  • 10 flavor cartridges
  • 1 wall adapter
  • 1 V2 manual
  • 1 Smart charger

V2 Ultimate Kit

V2-Cigs-Ultimate-KitThe final kit available at V2 Cigs is the Ultimate kit. It is the highest priced kit amongst others available at V2 Cigs.

The kit includes the following items:

    • 3 batteries (fully customizeable)
    • 25 flavor cartridges
    • 1 power cig
    • 1 wall adapter
    • 1 smart charger
    • 1 portable charging case
    • 12 amp car charger
    • 1 V2 carrying case
    • 1 lanyard
    • 1 v2 user manual


V2-Cigs-FlavorsUsers can decide the flavors of their cartridges according to their preferences.

V2 Cigs offers 6 different flavors including V2 Red (strongest American tobacco blend), V2 Congress (comes with a unique tobacco blend), V2 menthol, V2 mint tea, V2 chocolate and V2 grape.

All flavors can be purchased in different nicotine variations (2.4 percent, 1.8 percent, 1.2 percent, 0.6 percent and 0 percent).


Other Add-Ons

Every user will have to buy one of the starter kits to get started on e-cig smoking. However, once you get familiarized with how electronic smoking works, you can get other add-ons to enhance your e-cig smoking experience. V2 Cigs offer batteries, cartridges and accessories separately on its website for users to buy.

V2 EX Batteries


V2 Carrying Case


V2 Disposable


V2 Flavors


V2 Starter Kit


For my money, (and I’ve been testing these products for quite a while and shared them with numerous friends, associates, and family members), there is no better brand out there than V2 electronic cigarettes. They offer a wide variety of kits allowing anyone to get into the experience with any budget, and more so, a cheap refill cartridge offering that allows users to save gobs of money compared to other brands and even further savings over tobacco cigarette smoking.

You’ll see numerous review websites stating the same, but as someone who has personally seen the growth of this company from inception, and been inspired by the innovation surrounding them, I can whole heartedly say that you won’t find a better overall electronic cigarette vaping experience.

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