South Beach Smoke Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits

After looking around at e-cigs and starter kits, you probably have a pretty good idea what the prices are and how many pieces they contain. When you examine a South Beach Smoke starter kit, you might feel that prices are lower for the same or more articles and consider buying their products. They are one of the top-selling, top-rated electronic cigarette companies after all.

South Beach Smoke Deluxe Starter KitExcept for the Express Kit, all starter kits are called “Deluxe” making them sound extra-special. The first of these is a standard collection of goods with two batteries (one regular, the other extra-strong), a USB charger, wall charger, and 10 cartridges.

This second, more powerful battery is an added bonus. Most companies provide regular-strength batteries, especially when the price is $59.99.

Add $30 and receive a kit with a car adaptor and carry case, plus a power cig. This is definitely more than $30 worth of merchandise. The Ultimate comes with all of this plus a lanyard, 20 cartridges, a personal charging case, and a third battery.

This last item is unusual because not only is it extra-capacity, but it is manual. The other two in each kit are automatic, meaning you puff to make the atomizer work. A manual battery allows the user to heat the liquid before puffing.

A Couples’ Kit is just two Deluxe Kits together plus two car adaptors. Even though a starter kit is already cheaper than buying each piece separately, the Couples’ Kit reduces the price of each item still further. $109.99 is less than twice the cost of a single kit plus the adaptors.

South Beach Smoke Reusable Express KitYour cheapest option is to buy an Express package costing you $21.99. For this you receive a battery, USB charger, and two cartridges.

Most people would say this is the perfect option for someone who is really hesitant about which brand to choose. Although reviews are mostly positive for South Beach Smoke, $21.99 is less expensive when experimenting with an unfamiliar product.