Misty Mountain Vapors

By Kirk Freeman

The Misty Mountains obscure the wider world from view if you are standing at the top, but from the outside we can see Misty Mountain Vapors clearly. They have a website: that makes life easier. Visit them in Garner, North Carolina, Raleigh, or at their Westgate Store from 11 to 7 every day.

Misty Mountain Vapors is also open at their permanent Flea Market stand in the Wake County Fairgrounds. They offer regular-priced items, special offers, and assorted products within a certain range for a limited type of customer.

The Limited Customer

That is, Misty Mountain Vapors is really great for the consumer who wants equipment that is easy to use. They carry JoyeTech and Kanger products, but not a lot of them. Their range includes only a few advanced items and you will not find an extensive list of parts and accessories.

That’s fine though. A load of other companies have that job covered, selling authentic mechanical mods for more than $150 and HCigar clones for 1/3 the price. Here you will find starter kits, clearomizers, and more beginner-friendly stuff.

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The only trouble is that, in spite of catering to inexperienced vapers, their starter kits begin at $49.99: a relatively high price point in this category. Then again, they are not offering one-battery blister kits which are typical choices for the $30-and-under crowd. Theirs are classier.

A KangerTech eSmart starter costs $59.99. For a little more get the Evod Starter Kit ($69.99). The most expensive item on this list is the JoyeTech eGo-C 1000mAh Kit costing $89.99.

It sounds like a lot, but see what you get: two atomizer bodies, five atomizer heads, two batteries, a USB charger, an AC adapter, a pouch for your gear, an instruction manual, five empty eGo-T tanks, and five mouthpieces. This is a lot of stuff for $89.99; stuff which, if purchased one piece at a time, would cost much more than $90.

The most complex e-cig device in the Misty Mountain Vapors catalogue is an eVic by JoyeTech with the detachable head and LED display which counts how many puffs you took, measures battery temperature, features extensive battery protection, and more. It costs about $105: about right for online pricing.

While this is the online list, they physical store could stock a more comprehensive list of items. Phone before you visit if there is something you want but do not see on their website. It could be in their display cabinet for brick-and-mortar customers only.

Clearos and More

Their eSmart clearomizer is the lowest-priced example at Misty Mountain Vapors for $4.50. The priciest one costs $25, but that’s a Kanger Protank. Between those are several other styles and colors of clearomizers.

Chargers cost $5 and up. An Expert 510 battery is priced $12.99. Pay $26 for the JoyeTech eGo-C 650 or 1000mAh battery. Evod batteries by Kanger with 650mAh or 1100mAh of power cost $19.99 each.

Replacement cores and heads include five atomizers for the JoyeTech eGo-C, eCab, or eRoll costing $34.99. Generally, Misty Mountain Vapors competes well in the pricing department.

Rebuildable Atomizers at Misty Mountain Vapors

Brian and Brenda, owners of Misty Mountain Vapors, have chosen a couple of Rebuildable Atomizers to list for online customers. The AGA-T3 is a Genesis-style atomizer for $39.99. An IGO-W dripping atomizer is considerably cheaper: $20. Each one is a popular and, thus, sensible choice.

Nicotine Juice at Misty Mountain Vapors

Space Jam, Sinister, NicQuid, American e-Liquid, Dekang, Cosmic Fog, and Caterpillar Juices account for the more than 100 choices of juice and huge variety of flavor profiles sold to their customers. While Dekang comes from Asia, the rest are American-made liquids. Thanks to this spread of choices, prices range from affordable to expensive and quality is also variable. Misty Mountain Vapors does not produce house e-liquid.