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The purpose of 180 Vape is to encourage people to change their lives for the better. They want consumers to make the switch from analog cigarettes to vaping and to share their stories with the public. The owners are confident that when you quit smoking and choose vaping, your testimony will be meaningful to other cigarette smokers, but there is probably another purpose behind this strategy.

Official Perception

Although regulating the electronic cigarette and nicotine juice production industries is not entirely a bad idea, there is fear that public ignorance is building up to a kind of witch-hunt. Consumers in general do not realize how beneficial e-cigs have been to a huge sector of the population, so while there are legitimate concerns, the FDA could end up throwing the baby out with the vape juice.

A 180 Vape review by anyone interested enough in the vapers’ side is sure to open at least a few eyes.

180vape.comVisiting 180 Vape

With all that being said, this would not be a great place to visit if you are conservative-minded. The décor is “2K Horror Movie” with faux blood smears on the walls and some unpalatable e-juice images. For the horror movie fan or anyone who simply overlooks that sort of stuff, 180 Vape is a very social and comfortable place.

Choose this as a one-stop shop from Monday to Saturday and take Sundays off to contemplate the wisdom of your commitment to vapor.

Many Flavors

E-Juice starts at $4.99 per bottle and comes in loads of flavors. Choose nicotine strength, bottle size, base mix, flavor density, and additional shots of sweetener, kool, or menthol to customize your vape juice. Try 180 Red Tobacco, Ah-Man-Joy, Apple Candy, or Berry Peachy. Banana Berry and Cantaloupe, Red and White Wine are on the list.

Do you remember Koolaid from childhood?

180 Vape has the Blue kind, purportedly resembling blueberries. Smokin’ Strawberry, Smoothol, and Wild B-Berry are just a few more options. Skittles is sure to please. Unfortunately, there are no descriptions under e-juice headings so if the title of a flavor is a little puzzling, you are going to have to try it at the shop, contact the store, or just skip that flavor.

Product Organization

Products are helpfully organized on the website. A large image heads up each category, beneath which is a short list of what is available. APVs include DNA, Mods, Rebuildables, Opus D, and Hybrids. Kits and Batteries, eGo 650, and JWraps are a few more separate headings.

Advanced Products

The MVP is fully described and comes as a kit with the iClear 30 3-ml tank, thread ring, and USB charging cable. It’s an all aluminum device capable of reaching a 2600mAh charge and of variable voltage between 3.3 and 5 volts.

The SVD is also listed. It features Variable Voltage and Wattage, battery protection, and low voltage warning. Use it with any one of many different clearomizers and tanks.
Innokin products also include the iClear and iTaste.

Ego and Kits

180 Vape stocks the Joye eGo C Twist, a variable voltage battery with a knob at the bottom. They also sell custom eGo kits with cases.

JWraps are eGo accessories. They wrap around batteries without attaching permanently, so you can remove and replace them as often as you want. Styles vary from bright colors to animal prints and psychedelic patterns.

Purpose of the Website

The 180 Website is not a place to shop unless you are buying e-liquids. These can be ordered online and shipped to your address. Anything else you see is just a menu of products stocked by 180 Vape. None of the listings indicates if an item is in stock or out of stock or how much you will pay at the till. Common wisdom has it that online retailers commonly sell e-cigs and accessories for less than brick-and-mortar stores. They simply don’t have the overheads that actual shops have to absorb.

You will find 180 Vape not far from the Cactus Theater in Lubbock, Texas, on 19th Street. They guarantee excellent service and support do help you keep your promise to give up analogs for good.
They are very social too, with accounts on the major social media sites. If you want to connect, use one of these media as a means of staying in touch. Otherwise, call, write, or email them with your story.