Halo Cigs

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Halo Cigs is one of the most popular e-cig brands. At Halo Cigs, users can find great quality electronic liquid in different flavors, uniquely and comprehensively designed electronic cigarette starter kits and e-liquid supplies.

People who are looking for high quality electronic liquid, sleekly designed e-cigs and a high quality e-cig brand should consider Halo Cigs as a viable option.

Halo Cigs Starter Kits

There are two kinds of starter kits available at Halo Cigs. One is the G6 e-cigarette and the other is the Triton tank system. The G6 starter kit is priced at $44.99 while the Triton tank system is priced at $64.99.

The G6 kit is most suitable for beginners who want a great electronic cigarette experience but at a budget friendly price. The other e-cig kit is the Triton kit which is most suitable for advanced users who want a perfect and unmatched e-cig smoking experience.

Battery Life

The G6 and Triton starter kits come equipped with two batteries. It is on the users to decide which battery they want. The overall battery life of the e-cigs is 7-10 hours. Halo Cigs gives users the option of choosing between automatic and manual batteries.

Vaping Experience

The vaping experience for users who get started on Halo Cigs e-cigs will be better than average. Since Halo Cigs offers the highest quality e-liquid and e-cigs with batteries that have a decent life, the smoke volume of Halo Cigs e-cigs will be high. Users can expect the vapor to be thick and dense. Additionally, Halo Cigs leave a nice aftertaste as the vaping experience is smooth.

Electronic Liquid And Flavors

Halo Cigs offers many different flavors when it comes to e-liquid. There are three prime categories in e-liquid flavors including tobacco, menthol and gourmet flavors. The tobacco flavors taste like tobacco but differ with respect to the taste and blend of tobacco.

Additionally, there is equal and more variety in menthol and gourmet flavors. On the other hand, the electronic liquid offered by the company is made out of safe to use ingredients. The e-liquid is manufactured in the United States using high quality ingredients.

Halo Apparel

Even though Halo Cigs doesn’t offer any accessories, it does offer t-shirts. The T-shirts are pretty uniquely designed, just like Halo Cigs products are. The t-shirts are available at affordable prices but the variety is limited.