White Cloud

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The sky is clear for White Cloud, a company with high standards. They want to bring their entire operation to the United States so watch this space. Things could be changing at White Cloud e-cigs, but they can always change. White Cloud listens to its customers and applies changes they seem to want.

White Cloud Zero K CartridgeWhite Cloud Review

White Cloud is also changing the way e-cig companies do business, including the look of their electronic cigarettes. By this I refer to their Clear Draw cartridges featuring little windows up the side.

This shows how much liquid is left in a cartridge. Besides the window (normally only seen on tanks), White Cloud has created cartridges that produce almost invisible vapor called Invisivapor, appropriately enough.

Disposables from White Cloud

My favorite thing about White Cloud is their extensive range of disposable electronic cigarettes. It is not politically correct to use or like an item with a disposable battery, of course, but customers want choices. They receive more choices from White Cloud than they do from other disposable brands.

This includes every flavor they carry and in two sizes. Also, you can buy them in bundles of 5, 10, 25, or 100 or just purchase one Fling (mini or regular). Add to this the fact that these are really cheap and you have a winning formula.

White Cloud does not ask you to send back disposable e-cigs or batteries, but they do encourage consumers to participate in recycling using the Big Green Box program. In other words, find a box and dump your batteries in there for safe disposal.

White Cloud Cartridge Flavors

The list of e-cig flavors goes beyond the classic menu to include some exotic extras. Espresso, Cinnamon, Bad Apple, Lime Coconut, and Snap (chocolate and mint) give you greater depth of choice. Some familiar items are also listed, including lots of tobacco options.

Ratings for each flavor are listed below them on the website and they aren’t all 5-star reviews, so finding a good place to start for your tastes should be fairly easy. Just follow consumers who were there before you.

White Cloud Starter Kits

A lot of people begin vaping electronic cigarettes with disposables, then decide they like the way e-cigs work. When they make this choice, they want rechargeable batteries, charging equipment, and cartridges so as to make vaping economical and environmentally responsible. Buying all of this stuff, one item at a time, is pricey, to say the least.

Smoking is still more expensive than vaping, even if you stick with disposables, but creating a package of goods makes for a daunting investment. A better way to get what you need is to purchase a starter kit. White Cloud’s kits are all called “Cirrus.” A number (2, 3, or 3X) beside each one indicates the size of batteries it contains.

White Cloud Cirrus Starter Kit

Their price range is inclusive. If you can afford cigarettes, White Cloud starters are within your grasp. The smallest kit features two batteries and costs $39.95. Give them a gold star for affordable pricing. The kit does not feature a wall adaptor, only a USB, but does come with 5 cartridges in your choice of strength. I’d say this is far better value than a $30 one-battery kit with two cartridges and I’m glad White Cloud doesn’t bother with that one.

Starter number 2 for $59.95 comes with the wall adaptor and a fantastic device: the USB Squid Charger. Charge three batteries at the same time using this device you won’t see anywhere else.

Two more starter kits are on the list before you reach the Cirrus Variety E Cig Starter which contains three batteries: regular C2, larger C3, and a really big C3X battery.


A new accessory from White Cloud is the Ken’s Mystiks kit. It contains a caramel carry case and jackets for cartridges and batteries. Colors are mahogany, green and yellow sparks, and green leaf. Four vapor jackets and 10 cartridge jackets are included with this kit. The set costs $19.95. Otherwise, White Cloud e-cigs resemble analogs.