Vape World

Customers on the internet do not only review products they use but they also review vendors. Vaporizer users write comments about their handheld and desktop vaporizers, referring to quality and value and they post online reports about re-sellers. In a Vape World review, how does the company appear to a world of possible new customers?

Hundreds of Comments

Literally hundreds of customers have rated their experience with Vape World and the verdict is that the company is great to work with. Their customer service is respectful and they go to great lengths to make and keep a customer using email, live chat, and talking with clients by phone. When a complaint is posted, they respond to it quickly and without rancor. Shipping is speedy and they usually have what you want in stock. If not, this is indicated the first time a product comes up on the screen. It is the rare customer who has bad things to say about Vape World, and these are all comments posted on a site not related to the company itself.

What Does Vape World Sell?

Vape World carries all the best vaporizers on the market, at least the ones they are proud to sell. If something is not on the list, that is perhaps either because their information about that product is too limited for them to decide it is good enough or they have tried the product and found it lacking.

Their selection includes handheld vaporizers you can carry around with you anywhere. The catalogue is filled with examples of desktop vaporizers that are designed to stay at home or wherever you vape most often. Box mods and futuristic designs are featured. Consumers will find digital and manual items; battery and butane powered products.

Brands or models featured include Arizer, Firefly, Pax, and DaVinci. Not only does Vape World carry the products but they also look after parts and accessories for these items as well. Choose a new dish for potpourri. Pick up extra screens, chargers, or aromatherapy herbs.

Items for Sale

Iolite products such as the Original and Wsper 2.0 are carried at Vape World. They have the Magic Flight Launch Box or Maud-Dib Concentrate Box. Pick up a deceptive little PUFFiT-X or the original. Vapir is represented as well.

Try the Arizer Extreme Q, Silver Surfer, Da Buddha, or The Plenty. Vape World has Easy Vape Box mods, Vapolution 2.0, and the H. Aire H2.2 Vaporizer. This is skimming the product surface.

High Points

I like several things about Vape World. One is that their prices are fantastic. You can do some shopping around, but they are extremely difficult to beat. Remember that prices for most websites have to include shipping, but in the case of Vape World, U.S. and Canadian customers are valued too highly: shipping is free.

International customers will have to look up shipping costs and also the voltage of chargers, but customers can choose a higher voltage charger if necessary. Power output in the UK is double what you get in North America.

Stock, as noted above, is listed right away. If you can buy an item right now the red “shop” button invites you to carry on. Out of stock items are outnumbered by red buttons considerably: 3 to 1 when I counted in the desktop section; one out of twelve among portable vaporizers.

I like the price range. There are affordable vaporizers for under $100 if you are just getting started and high-tech, designer models for more than $400 when you want to get serious. People who vape heavily could afford to buy a portable for the car and travel and a bigger product for the house.

If you click on an item, it shows the basic price. But before buying it, customers can select optional extras and end up with a much more expensive package. Vape World makes it abundantly clear, however, what is and what is not automatically included with a purchase.

The variety of styles is also fun. There are hands-free mods that allow the user to read or write a letter while vaporizing, and designer products that are works of art in their own right. Certain vaporizers work with balloons and others with a whip. Particular products accept herbs only, but a few vaporizers allow the consumer to choose oil or herbs. Some articles sold here look like they belong in a futuristic movie.

The average number of stars allotted to a product by consumers is indicated directly below an item: up to 5 of them. You can tell right away when you light on something really special.


The unfortunate fact is that if you want to buy the stuff to fill a vaporizer with, plenty of vaporizer stores let you down. Vape World fills the gap, at least where aromatherapy plants are concerned. Choose a sample pack containing 12 herbs for $49.95. Alternatively, buy a single one-ounce jar of herbs for $9.95 or a sealed bag for $4.95.

The one drawback here is that a jar is shown above the price of $4.95 which is misleading. Selection, however, is excellent. Vape World carries Green Tea, Red Clover, Sage, Peppermint, Raspberry, and several other herbs. A suggested temperature for vaporization is also listed, reinforcing the fact that your highest temperature is not always best for a particular herb.


Vape World does not exist just to sell people vaporizers. A lot of information has been posted on this site about vaporizers: how to use them, the different methods of heating them, advantages and disadvantages of materials like glass, ceramics, and stainless steel, and other popular topics.

Of course, by providing this info, the company is also supporting its own interests but you are lucky to find a place where a lot is written and so clearly. In spite of the several headings hosted on the site, Vape World still keeps the page calm-looking and professional. It could become chaotic but their web designers have prevented that calamity.

Keep track of your shopping: read the “recently viewed” items rather than writing down tons of details.