Mig Cigs

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It is a tight group that crowd of electronic cigarette brands, in the cigalike category particularly. There is not a lot of leg room anymore, so for a company to launch yet one more brand is possibly brave, maybe foolish: most likely a combination of both. Mig Cigs entered the scene late and have a way to go before they catch up with giants like Apollo and Green Smoke, but they could do it.

With a good campaign and a more sophisticated website, they have products to contend with the big boys.

MigCigs starter kitsEight Starter Kits

For affordable beginners’ bundles, you have lit on the right company. Mig Cigs sells 8 types of starter kits beginning with a single 1-battery, five-cartridge item costing $29.95 called the Basic Starter appropriately enough.

Every other kit from that point onwards contains 2 to 4 batteries. That is impressive and show that owners of Mig Cigs have paid attention to what reviewers and consumers are saying. A two-battery kit is highly desirable.

Mig Cigs does not fool around in the wading pool for longer than necessary and jump right in at a $39.95 price point. You get 5 cartridges and a USB charger/cable to go with your batteries.

For just $10 more, there is the Black Label Kit: two batteries, five cartridges, a USB charger, wall adapter, and a gift box. Starter Kit #4 contains all of these plus 5 extra cartridges for $59.95. A Standard Plus Kit features 10 cartridges and a lanyard while the Supreme Kit comes with 3 large batteries and all the other bells and whistles.

Advanced vapers have the choice of 3 eGo kits: one with two 380-mAh batteries and one with 2 extreme (1300 mAh) batteries.

Frustrations of a Website in Development

While every kit above is well priced and impressive, the website lists most of them 3 times. They are featured in boxes with pictures but no prices, listed with prices but no pictures, then listed again. It’s overkill, for sure.

Cartridge Refills for Cigalikes

Mig Cigs cartridge refills cost $9.95. Blank packages of 5 cost $7.95. Mig Cigs supplies 10 flavors, 8 besides tobacco and menthol. Their Columbian Coffee, Miami Fusion Hookah, Vanilla, Blueberry, and Strawberry are all standard (whatever that means), while Green Apple, Grape, and Green Tea contain 50/50 propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. Obviously, there is a different ratio for the others but no recipe telling readers what that ratio is.

E Liquid at Mig Cigs

On sale, a 30-ml bottle of e liquid is priced $16.95: $3 cheaper than their usual price. Choose up to 2.4% nicotine and select one of the flavors above plus Red Zeppelin Tobacco, Watermelon, and Cherry Zinger.

Reviews indicate that Mig Cigs is on the money with their Red Zeppelin Tobacco. It’s as close to the real thing as writers have found. Other flavors are also pleasant. Knowing where they came from (the United States or China), ingredient pedigree, and details about how they are made would be wonderful.

migcigs.comMig Cigs Review

Not even Mig Cigs is perfect when it comes to pricing. It came as a shock that batteries cost $19.95 each after seeing their excellent starter kit pricing strategy. I was confused, too, about whether I was looking at long or short, 280-mAh or 380-mAh batteries. Someone reported that Mig Cigs sells just manual batteries but I saw one in white set up for automatic use.

Mig Cigs also carries extra eGo batteries, right up to a 1300 VV powerhouse. Some of their batteries are lovely, like an iridescent 808. Other accessories were the lanyard and a cartridge cap removal tool. The tool is a surprise and also an invitation to do what we are always told never to do: prize off the cap of an empty cartomizer.

Here is something exciting about Mig Cigs: their batteries and cartridges are compatible with V2 Cigs cartridges and batteries. This is wonderful news. Select automatic batteries from V2 Cigs or choose one of their flavors to go with your Mig Cigs battery. It’s a toss up which one provides better quality. Mig Cigs throat hit and vapor are pretty impressive. The battery is high-performing.

Final Thoughts on Mig Cigs

Coral Springs Florida is home to Mig Cigs. Florida plays host to a glut of such firms, so maybe there is something in the water that makes this state so good at producing excellent e cig companies. Their firm, run by former smokers, produces attractive, realistic electronic cigarettes.

The major issue (and they even ask customers to pardon their mess while they tidy up) is the website. Professional web pages create neat borders and categories so that clients think they are following their own path, but are really being directed by clever advertisers. It’s hard to put your finger on what is so clever about those sites, but they are organized.

Earn reward points for becoming a customer at Mig Cigs. No e cig brand would forget that part. Also, become an affiliate if you have what it takes to convince other vapers to try the company. In your marketing pitch, highlight the fact that Mig Cigs grows with customers.

After mini cigs have lost their novelty value, you can direct contacts to their eGo e cigs which provide long-lasting battery life and higher-capacity tanks. Mig Cigs even has reasonably-priced e liquid to go with it. Customers need to know more about that e liquid, but Mig Cigs is sorting their site out and that’s a good sign.