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Vapor Hub Review: Simi Valley E-Juice And Hardware

The people of Simi Valley, California, were really excited when they got their own vape shop. Electronic cigarettes and e-juice are sold at countless shops across Southern California, where local customers had to drive if they wanted to shop in person.

Now they do not have to face that long drive and they can also support an American mod company. This Vapor Hub Review highlights a unique model and why it is so symbolic of the store itself.

TAC Mods

The AR by TAC Mods is an all-American bit of hardware that could be mistaken for military equipment if a soldier took one with him on duty. Where Philippine mods bear artistic engravings, this one is business-like and rugged.

You’d display your Kraken in a cabinet. You’d take your AR hunting. Each of the several versions listed are different colors: black with red or green splatter, bronze, or the Brass model. This is the only one priced $249.95: the others cost $179.95 each.

A unique feature of this mod is its octagonal-shaped button. Another is the fact that the 18650 body resembles the barrel of a rifle covered in air holes to prevent overheating. When you purchase the Brass AR, it comes with a serialized dog tag, the number of which matches that on the mod itself. Presentation is very militaristic and masculine.

Purchase just the mod or order a package with an atomizer. It’s not a package deal this way: just a way to remind the user to include other gear he’ll need to complete the setup. The shopping page for an AR also offers the option to purchase loaded springs, silver-plated copper contacts, and magnets.

More Mods

Other heavy-hitting mods include Assets by Jemit, 4Nine by Tarsus, Atom by APV, and Black Missile by Warhead Customz (notice the military theme once more). The RSST is high at $39.99. A SmokTech Magneto is also high-priced at $69.95. The others listed above cost from $150 and up.

When I saw those two familiar models carrying unimpressive prices, it affected the way I approached all items at Vapor Hub. If I was purchasing goods online, it would be wise to compare individual items with at least three other internet vendors to see how Vapor Hub stacks up against them.

Choose rebuildable atomizers such as the Igo M, W5, or T from $39.95 and up. An Aga T2 sells for $23.95.

APVs: Powerful, Not Mechanical

The Groove is an interesting VV model shaped to resemble a curvy, classy handheld radio. With a 3800mAh power source, it can be set to a maximum of 15 watts and 5 volts. It costs just $36.99.

The Gripper VV by Smok is $69.95; an MVP is $69.95. Joyetech’s eVic sells for $109.99, but you can choose a white version for $20 more.

Again, prices could be lower: they fall into the mid-high range for these items. They’ve got mod batteries from EFest, AW, MNKE, Sony, and LG.

Starter Kit

Having seen many starter kits, I can agree with Vapor Hub that their eGo starter kit is cheap: $39.95 with two 650mAh batteries and two CE4s. The package also contains a case and charging kit. Joyetech eGo Twist batteries are sold separately for $22.95 and up.

The Kanger Protank 2 is a reliable little item you’ll probably want for at least one for your vaping batteries. Buy it here for $24.99.

Buy Your E-Liquids in Person

You can buy e-liquid online, from a list of 50 flavors, but you will probably enjoy a visit to their shop. Most people say they love it. The staff is attentive and friendly. Although many reviews come from women as well as men, you could say the décor and many of their products carry a masculine vibe. Even their drip tips evoke male-dominated pastimes and professions. The Grenade, Pylon, Stone, Muffler, Bolt, and Bullet Tips could hardly be considered delicate.

The interior décor is warm in a manly way with a big brown leather couch, but it’s not decorated with rifles, ammunition, and car parts. Just because they sell mods that resemble army gear doesn’t mean it’s a military supply depot. They also serve coffee: a big plus, especially when vaping a juice that pairs well with java.


Choose one of their US-made e-liquids made from US-sourced ingredients in 0- to 24-mg strength, $11.95 for 15mls. Tanspresso tastes of vanilla, coffee, and a secret ingredient. Dessert Storm blends New York Cheesecake with butterscotch and another secret selection. Select Dark Tobacco with Black Honey. Snow Cone is highly acidic and not well described. From the picture, you’ll imagine mixed fruits on the cool side.

Kahlua Cream and Lemonade require no explanations. Pinoy Punch, however, is a mix of lychee, peach, and another mystery from their secretive juice mixer.

“Clouds” juices contain a high-vegetable glycerin ratio that was blended for a competition. There are several of these, like Green Clouds: sour apple kiwi.

Perusing the Site for More

It’s not the usual website for a vape shop which openly looks for investors. They want distributors, but not investment. At Vapor Hub, I guess they’re just honest. Use their site to find out more information about electronic cigarettes and liquid, how vaping works, and news about the industry. There is also a link for consumers intending to place wholesale orders.