Volcano Ecigs

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Volcano ECigs Overview

Volcano carries e cigs in three bands: cigalikes, eGo mods, and variable voltage/wattage devices. Each of these three main classes of vaping devices is available here in a starter kit.

The first of these models is a black or white cigalike, the Magma. A kit costing $59.99 gets you a gift box, two automatic batteries, the two chargers plus a USB cable, and 10 flavor cartridges (two packs of five). Buy flavors like milk chocolate or pineapple punch. Liquids are made in the United States.

The price is a little high for a basic set, but what is most problematic is the nicotine range. First-time vapers coming off of cigarettes will miss the strength they are used to from a full (16mg) cigalike. The other choices are light and zero, at least where this starter kit is concerned.

Replacing cartridges is cheaper, ironically, than with most other companies. Get yours for $9.99 per five if you enjoy their flavors and do not mind reducing nicotine. $14.99 is typical elsewhere.

Option two is an eGo style ecig with one each of their 650 and 900mAh batteries. A great feature of these batteries is that they are both pass-through varieties, allowing you to vape and charge simultaneously. Each $79.99 kit comes with a 15ml bottle of liquid ranging up to extra-strength (24mg, worth $12.99).

There is a 1.8ohm tube tank and three replacements with heating coils. Choose from one of 4 colors. I still think a starter kit should cost a little less, but you get a lot for the money.

Finally, there is the top model: Lavatube. Volcano’s highest-priced, most powerful vaping mod gets top points for attractive looks. Although it costs $139.99 to buy the kit, the package comes with a carry case, one 18650 rechargeable battery, a multi-charger, tube tank, 15ml of juice, and a battery case. The 510-threaded device has memory storage for your usual settings. This is a powerful, slick machine.