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Vape Dojo Review: Vape Like A Samurai

The Asian font and artistic flare of Vape Dojo’s labels and names is reserved only for looks and makes no impact on their style of juice. Most of their e-liquids are what you usually find at vape stores, just with fun and fancy graphics.

The Samurai’s sword, however, is put to good use slashing prices all over the place. Any other Asian connection comes from the fact that most electronic cigarettes are made in China.

Vape Dojo and Violence with Price Tags

It’s like a price tag massacre at this place. Many items listed here are priced very reasonably, often well below average. Online orders are shipped at a flat rate of $2 and the site is secure so you can use your credit card.

Vape Dojo runs four stores: three in Maryland (Elliot City, Hampstead, and Bel Air) and one in Harrisonburg, Virginia. They are American in spite of the name, sell US-made e-liquid (their own line and Envy), but ship internationally.

VapeDojo.comVape Dojo Review

The Elliot City store has received some mixed reviews from customers. About 75% of them give this place a solid thumbs-up, but there is the odd time when someone receives a poor first impression.

A bad first impression can ruin things for customers, but sometimes it is not a first impression but just a very bad experience that sends clients out the door with every intention of giving their business to someone else.

Usually, you read that Vape Dojo staff is friendly and helpful, but that image is tarnished when employees are disrespectful, ignorant, or unprofessional as sometimes appears to be so.

Shopping at Vape Dojo

One of the most impressive offers at Vape Dojo is a Kanger Evod 2 Starter Kit for $39.99 (the Evod 1 kit costs $34.99). The description tells vapers why they will love Kangers second-generation Evod: a bottom wick that is always wet for great vaping, an easy refill experience, replacement heads so a clearomizer lasts longer, and constant 3.7-volt output.

This starter kit contains two of the latest Evod batteries as well as two new clearomizers which hold about 2mls each. There are also seven replacement heads, an adapter, USB charger, and it all comes packaged in a gift box.

Their Kanger Mini Protank 2 VV starter kit for $59.99 was sold out: a sign I saw a fair bit of on their website. This 650mAh kit contains two “Twist” batteries, four coils, two Mini Protank Glassomizers, and the charging kit in a gift box.

Advanced Models

Goods at Vape Dojo come from Aspire, eFest, Nitecore, Sigelei, Smok, Sony, Innokin, HCigar, and others. Some advanced products are mechanical mods, such as the 4Nine by Tarsius Customs.

A hybrid atomizer never suffers from voltage drop. Its magnetic button is recessed so you can rest it on end without locking the button in the “off” position. You pay $159.99. The 4Nine was sold out but you can ask to be alerted when this model is back in stock.

Vicious Ant products include the Cyclone RDA ($79.99), Kraken ($149.99), and Valkyrie ($229.99). Their drip tips are sold here as well. Vape Dojo writes a little bit about each category, including drip tips. If you didn’t know what they were for, you do now.

Maintaining Your eGo

Although eGo batteries are typically manual (vapers press a button to activate the atomizer), a mini iSmoka automatic battery resides with manual batteries, perhaps for lack of a better place to store it. This beginners’ device costs $9.99 while the iTaste VV v3.0 sells for $32.99. Pay $24.99 for a Kanger eVod 1000mAh VV or $19.99 for a Smok Winder. A Kanger Evod battery (non-variable) is priced from $11.99 and up depending on size.

Vape Dojo E-Liquid

If anyone can give Mount Baker Vapor a run for their money it’s Vape Dojo. Mount Baker Vapor nicotine juice is among the cheapest on the market, but 15mls of Vape Dojo juice sells for $4.99. Their nicotine maximum is 2.4%. Ingredients are 100% USP and kosher. Customize your liquid by adding menthol.

Juice flavor headings display their propylene glycol/vegetable glycerin ratio. Andy’s Secret Blend is not so secret: it contains pineapple and coconut, 30PG/70VG. Black Licorice and Black Menthol are both 60/40 mixtures. Black Menthol is not a mentholated licorice, at least not according to reviews. It tastes like mentholated fruit gum as far as they’re concerned.

For a 50/50 ratio of vapor and throat hit, try Candy Cane, Bull Rush (energy drink), or Cinnamon Toast Chata. Vape Dojo’s menu is long but not exciting or different.

Filling the Tank

You need tanks to fill with all of this e-liquid. Pick up an Aspire Nautilus for $32.99. The Innokin iClear X.1 Pyrex goes for $19.99, same as an AeroTank by Kanger. Evod 2 Bottom Dual Coil clearomizers cost $6.99 each. Pay $14.99 for a Smok Pyrex dual coil tank capable of holding 6ml of liquid.

Drip Tips

Most drip tips are not branded, or the name is not as important as a low price, so it’s surprising to see a name attached to $3.99 aluminum and $4.99 drips: HCigar. Their more expensive items are a Muffler, Jerrican, and MFlux.

All Sorts of Stuff

Vape Dojo provides the general necessities vapers are looking for, whether they only change atomizer heads on their clearomizers, replace batteries periodically, or want to rebuild atomizers completely. Check them for stock of rebuilding materials, air flow control valves, and new tubes.

A Visit to the Dojo

Store hours vary, but at Elliot City they open their doors every day. From Monday to Thursday, hours are 10 to 10. Friday and Saturday they start at 10am, remaining open until midnight. Sundays are their early closing days: 8pm.

Business Beginnings

Vape Dojo is one of the first companies to see potential in the new craze for vaping and started business in late 2011. Their story is similar to many entrepreneurs: they saw a need for organized sales, better pricing, and higher quality products in the United States. They hope this is what they are giving American vapers who found other stores lacking in these areas.