Ever Smoke

By Kirk Freeman

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Eversmoke is part of the International Vapor Group, a collection of successful e-cig companies. This Eversmoke review will consider products and pricing. Is Eversmoke good enough to compete in a market thick with options?

Eversmoke electronic cigaretteHeavy Smokers Rejoice

A problem faced by heavy smokers considering e-cigs is that electronic devices don’t give them the hit they want. Throat hit and nicotine are not powerful enough so they return to analogs. These customers could get an authentic hit by using high-end devices, but those are complicated and expensive. Smoking is easier.

Eversmoke consumers find that the nicotine is somehow more powerful than usual. If you want a concentration that makes most people cough, you have found your mini e-cig.

Powerful Batteries

Batteries last a little longer and give more power than those of the competition and that is because of their size. It stands to reason that a more powerful battery will also be larger than usual, meaning when an Eversmoke e-cig is built, it feels a little heavier and thicker than analog cigarettes.

How important this is to an ex-smoker is hard to say: is a tiny fraction of a centimeter that much? Cigarettes are not that wide to start with, so maybe it is.


Eversmoke customers are supplied with Vapor Zone juices (Vapor Zone is also part of the IVG and is based in Florida). Eversmoke sells three types of tobacco, three fruits, two specialty flavors, and two menthol/mint cartridges.

Starter Kits

Forget the introductory starter kit costing about $30. It only contains the one-battery, 2-cartridge, USB ensemble you can buy from other retailers for $15 and which is hardly worth owning. Eversmoke’s Basic Kit priced $49.99 provides your best first step. You receive five cartridges and two batteries.

EverSmoke E Cigarette Starter Kit

An Ultimate Kit for $149.99 is your most expensive option with three batteries and a PCC, 15 cartridges, a car adaptor, a carry case, and the power cig that uses no batteries (plug it into a USB port). The price is excellent. For individuals who know they need all of this stuff and planned on buying it anyway, purchasing the Ultimate Kit will save them lots of money.


Eversmoke’s accessories section is thorough enough to provide any needs you might have for your mini cig unit. That includes cases, a PCC, batteries, and a power-cig. Pricing is okay, especially in this market. No one is selling for much less when it comes to batteries and cases, although there are far better prices if you visit internet e-cig retailers not dedicated to a brand.