Which Is The Best Vaporizer?

By Kirk Freeman

Nowadays there are tons of vaporizers. Technically electronic cigarettes are a form of vaporizer, and then there are many other types, such as advanced e-cigs, and other types for vaping on aromatherapy oils etc.

There is no longer any excuse to keep smoking or to take up puffing on cigarettes in the first place. It is far more fashionable and much better for you to vaporize. Much of the world knows what this means and how vaporizing can change their lives. In fact, it already has changed thousands of lives, giving consumers their chance at living longer and being healthier.

Where Does Vaporizing Come from?

Although it seems like a modern innovation, vaporizing has its roots in the use of a hookah. This old-fashioned, low-tech device enabled users to suck on materials that relaxed them, often items that would be classed as “illicit” today, but not always.

Hookahs are not what they seem: exclusively for the use of substances like marijuana. Though they get this reputation, it is unjust. Many users are vaping on fruity liquids, some on tobacco, and many on therapeutic oils and herbs like lavender or spearmint.

About ten years ago these devices were starting to become popular with a more general market owing to the development of plug-in units which could be set to reach certain temperatures and filled with ground herbs. Later, small rechargeable devices took over and interest grew. Prices dropped. Items that were once too expensive for the average person to own are becoming increasingly affordable and their quality is rising simultaneously, thanks to growing competition.

Vaporizers — A Closer Look

Two types of vaporizers are known to the retail world: dry herb, oil, or wax vaporizers and electronic cigarettes. The vaporizer most accessible to individuals is the e-cig with its small size and a price almost anyone can stomach. Vaporizers using herbs, oils, etc. tend to cost around $100 and up to around $500 (though a thousand or more is also possible). E-cigs can start as low as $4 for a mass-manufactured disposable “pen” but hit the $250 mark for modifiable devices made from stainless steel in small batches.

A vaporizer heats products using convection or conduction: spreading heat around materials or heating them directly. They run off of butane or electricity. Materials commonly used include glass, stainless steel, mesh, and ceramics.

A vaping pen or electronic cigarette utilizes electricity from a battery to heat a liquid suspension. Many devices are made from aluminum, plastic, stainless steel, and glass. In both cases, materials are heated but not burned, which is the biggest distinction between vaporizers and cigarettes.

What Vaporizers are Not

Vaporizers also eliminate the chemicals used to create cigarettes. What you are burning when you light a cigarette is thousands of chemicals. When set alight, they create plumes of smoke. Heated materials in e-cigs and vaporizers might create plumes, but they are white vapory clouds, not the heavy fog of toxins you see coming from cigarettes.

Cigarettes create a repulsive smell and their clouds are dangerous when inhaled even by non-smokers in the vicinity of smokers. The safety of second-hand vapor is still being debated, but it is certainly a more appealing smell no matter what flavor or aroma a person chooses.

A Few Vaporizers of Note

In the world of desktop and portable vaporizers that heat herbs, waxes, and oils, some of the most famous and best quality devices include PAX, Volcano, and Extreme Q. Their price range is between $100 and roughly $300 depending on the extras ordered with them plus the cost of aromatic herbs, etc.

These are durable products that heat up fairly quickly, contain high-quality stainless steel, ceramic, and/or glass, are often attractive, and sometimes can be operated remotely (if they are desktop devices). Digital items show you the temperature value while smaller devices indicate temperature using color-coded lights.

Electronic Cigarette-Style Vaporizers to Look for

The major brands of cigalike vaporizers are V2 Cigs, Halo, Blu, South Beach Smoke, Vapor Zone, and several others. Their prices are similar at about $10 per disposable e-cig and each company sells a version of electronic cigarette about the same size and shape. Certain ones, like V2 Cigs, concentrate on creating look-alikes. Halo stands out as a maker of e-cigs that are about the right sizes but usually more brightly colored than analog ones.

Brands of higher-power e-cigs such as eGos, advanced personal vaporizers, and modifiable vaporizers include JoyeTech, Smoktech, Innokin, and Kanger. While the names above are usually only sold at brand sites, items from the latter group are sold mostly from re-sellers online and in shops.

A cigalike (which is roughly the same length and size of a cigarette) uses a cartridge filled with vegetable glycerin and/or propylene glycol, flavor, nicotine, and water. This is heated by an atomizer which is powered by a rechargeable battery (except in the case of disposable varieties). When the battery is charged, it lasts anything from two to 4 hours.

As the e-cigs get bigger, such as 340mAh and above, they can hold charge most of or an entire day. The larger batteries are typically topped by tanks to hold more liquid and these come from bottles, not pre-filled cartridges. Voltage is normally regulated to 3.7 or 4.2 volts, but with APVs you can change the voltage to match the resistance of your tank (how hard you have to draw).


You can always buy a vaporizer on its own with the minimum of accessories to make it work. If you want more versatile charging options, herbs, or other items, buy a package. These are more reasonably priced than items would be if you select and buy each item individually.

An example would be purchasing a rechargeable battery, several atomized cartridges, a USB charger, and a wall adaptor in one kit. With vaporizers, the additional parts might be aromatherapy materials and a car charger or extra butane plus more screens. It is possible to order a custom-designed tabletop vaporizer designed in your choice of color or pattern with a handmade, one-of-a-kind blown-glass mouthpiece.


Cigarettes are made from tobacco of one style or another (Marlboro, Turkish, etc.), some with Menthol as well. They are light, regular, or strong. With e-cigs and vaporizers, you enjoy many more choices such as healing herbs, fruits, and desserts.