Green Smoke

By Kirk Freeman

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Is Green Smoke really green, or are they merely approaching greenness? Do they achieve what they hope to: bringing customers an environmentally friendly alternative to analogs? The answers to these questions are in the following Green Smoke review.

Green Revolution

E-waste is not intrinsically good for the environment, but we can’t go back. American consumers are addicted to their battery-operated gizmos. The best they can do is to innovate so batteries last longer, use less harmful materials, and are rechargeable.

So far, the rechargeable part is working and technologists are also working on longer lasting batteries. With the right company, your batteries hold a charge for up to four hours in spite of their mini-cig size. Green Smoke customers are astonished by the endurance of their batteries. As for battery materials: it could be a while before scientists devise a way to use seaweed and carrots to conduct energy, but who knows?

When one gives in to the notion that vaping is better for the earth than smoking, the next question is “where do we recycle these things?” Batteries for e-cigs can be recycled in the usual way. Take them to the same depot you bring other batteries when they will no longer recharge.

What about the cartridges? Green Smoke offers a unique program: send in your empty cartridges for rewards.

Not only will the company give you enough points to buy another package of five Green Smoke cartridges in return, but Green Smoke even pays shipping (send in 80 at a time). If you want to put points towards a new battery, you can. Keep adding up points with every purchase.

Compare this solution with dropping butts on the ground or adding them to the other heaps of toxic landfill. Green Smoke’s way is definitely better.

Green Smoke starter kitsA Selection of Starter Kits

Green Smoke sells starter kits for all levels of consumers, including tentative vapers and committed consumers. Their lowest-price kit sells for $29.99 with one battery and two cartomizers plus a USB.

The Ultimate Kit is priced close to $130 with 4 batteries, ten cartridges, two USB chargers, two AC adapters, a carry case, a leather case, and various customization options.

Choose from three colors each for the hard and leather cases, several battery colors/LED configurations, long or regular batteries, and two flavor packages. They make Mountain Clove, Menthol Ice, Mocha Mist, Tobacco Gold, two other tobaccos, Smooth Chocolate, and Vanilla Dreams.

Here is what Green Smoke could do to change this over-priced package. They could get rid of the second carry case and/or the second AC adapter in favor of:
• A small portable charging case or
• A car adapter
• 5 more cartridges or
• A USB cigarette

Two USB chargers might seem like overkill, but one of these will probably stay at home and another at a second location like the office or a friend’s or a relative’s home.

The Downside of Green Smoke Cartridges

Green Smoke has not added to its flavor menu for a long time, so the list looks a tiny bit boring. The good news is that some of the other companies make adapters or compatible cartridges so you can use their flavors with Green Smoke batteries.

However, you might not want to switch, even if Green Smoke could do with some new variety. Green Smoke is known for their very fresh cartridges. The company goes to extra lengths to keep their products fresh.

Cigarette smokers never had the options open to e-cig users. Perhaps one or two quality products will be enough.

Although these are long-lasting, great tasting products, Green Smoke also charges big prices for them. A single 5-pack costs $16.97. If you subscribe to auto-shipments, this cost is reduced to $13.31 (order weekly, bi-weekly, up to every six weeks). Compare $17 for a single cartridge package to the average: around $11 or $12, which is still cheaper than auto-shipments, and that’s before you consider the discounts other companies offer for similar subscription programs and bulk orders.

Upgrading Your Old E-Cig Kit

Green Smoke is so confident that you will love their products that once you sign on they are willing to make a trade. Send in a picture of yourself with another company’s e-cig kit, the receipt of purchase, or a tracking number proving a competitor’s product was sent to you, and Green Smoke will send you one of their starter kits free of charge.

It’s not that uncommon for customers at some of the other companies to be unimpressed with performance or customer service. This is a great idea and sure to add still more customers to their growing collection of fans.

Disposables: a Green Smoke Alternative

Where environmentally friendly products are concerned, the disposable electronic cigarette is probably one of the least conscientious. They do not last all that long and cannot be recharged. Yet, if you had to compare the waste (and cost) of a single disposable to the equivalent number of cigarettes you would have smoked, the winner is clearly a disposable electronic cigarette.

At Green Smoke they don’t sell singles (though you might find them at corner stores and gas stations in single packs). Online they are sold in sets of 6 at a time, about $60 for the set. This works out to roughly $10 each. That’s not great value by the way: some manufacturers carry theirs for about $6. $10 is average, and average is expensive.

Rating Green Smoke against the Rest

Where Green Smoke probably loses most points against their closest competition (V2 Cigs) is in the price department. Their quality is excellent. Customers who choose Green Smoke first often stay with the company happily, appreciative of the brand’s quality. Individuals who are not put off by the price are doubtlessly attracted to their recycling policy, while rewards points mitigate the higher cost.

The Green Smoke line would also be more competitive if they made blank cartridges and sold e-liquid. If Green Smoke is as good as their name, they know this is a less wasteful way to use electronic cigarettes, and also less expensive. Perhaps these products will be added soon.