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By Kirk Freeman

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From International Vapor Group (IVG), the people who brought you South Beach Smoke and Eversmoke, comes Vapor Zone. They are not so new anymore but still making waves with electronic cigarette consumers. Although their vaping devices might be new to you, if you vape with South Beach Smoke or Eversmoke, you have tried their some of their flavors, although these guys added roughly another 29,990 flavors to the mix!

Innovative Ideas

Consumers used to having little choice of power and style from any single maker of e-cigs will be surprised. VaporZone changes the rules with their list of 6 possible styles from mini e-cigs through eGo style models, right up to advanced vaping machines.

Usually, a company produces one of these or perhaps an introductory and an eGo model, but not typically all three. Think of V2 just beginning to bring in a tank unit. Volcano is an exception, but reviews are not as clear cut for their products as they are with VaporZone

Miami Company Gets Great Customer Reviews

Vapor Zone is growing so fast they are opening new shops around Florida to add to an already-strong presence in Miami. Customers love going to these shops because reps know their e-cigs, walking clients patiently through instructions and trouble-shooting. Clients are impressed and they go back.

Quality Products

Various agencies that set quality standards have decided Vapor Zone liquid is Kosher, USP Grade, food grade-plus, and more. Operating standards are exceptional. Both the laboratory and vapor juice formulas are FDA-approved. Juice is made in the United States and each lot possesses a number so it can be tracked if you have any issues not related to taste preferences. All vapor is diacetyl-free, mixed when you order it so it is fresh (except pre-filled cartridges), and there are 54 single flavors to choose from.

Vapor Zone E-LiquidLiquid Explosion

The funny thing about those 54 flavors (for anyone who struggles with math like I do) is that they become more than 30,000 custom flavors just by tweaking things here and there. It seems impossible, or is perhaps something to do with exponents. All I know is that by combining flavors or adding a flavor shot I can turn a few flavors into a cupboard full.

My choice of combinations could lead to something traditional or a unique pairing. Whatever you do, realize that juice cannot be returned, so if trying out something wacky sounds like a good way to cause mischief, the joke will be on you when you are stuck with it.

Some categories of vapor juices are menthol, fruit, and other varieties that don’t quite fit anywhere else (it could be called the “drinks” section). This last one includes Double Espresso, Top Shelf Bourbon, and Havana Rum. Depending on how much nicotine you ask for in your espresso, this one does not have to produce a frightening buzz the way a real double shot of espresso would. You certainly will not feel a hangover if you drink from these cocktails either.

Menthols include Fresh Mint, Peppermint, Menthol Ice, and Mighty Menthol. In the fruit section, vapers will find Peachy Keen, Raspberry Razz, Tropical Guava, and Key Lime Delight. Those last two reflect the Florida origins of Vapor Zone, but there are also many more flavors to try.

Multiple E-Cig Models

When you go to some websites, juice is what you are aiming for. Others provide hardware and parts. In spite of the tasty juice at Vapor Zone, a review of them becomes most exciting when examining their electronic cigarettes. Besides the Express cigalike, Vapor Zone carries a Pro, Jet, Pulse, Rebel, and Air all in starter kit formats. The Pulse and Rebel are advanced electronic cigarettes costing the most of the whole group. The Air by VaporZone is perhaps the most intriguing for its rectangular design.

Rebel Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

Vaping experts will find themselves falling in love with a Rebel. It is made from stainless steel and is telescopic to fit numerous battery sizes. Tanks are dual-headed and you can use those from other companies as well as Vapor Zone. Each of the two batteries (600 and 2200mAh, respectively) is high drain with a microprocessor and 3.7V output. The Rebel’s tank resistance is 1.6ohms.

By using the 600mAh battery, users create a discrete configuration they can fit in their pockets. The larger battery lasts several hours longer but also makes for a bigger — if very slick — electronic model that cannot go incognito.

The Pulse

With two 750mAh batteries (3.7 volts) this is a powerful e-cig every time you use it. A fun part of the kit is its circular, cordless charger. Your battery stands upright in this charger-cum-launcher, making it look more like a model rocket than an electronic cigarette. The digital screen displays your puff count. Output is 5Volts. You receive two cartomizers holding 2.5mls and good for 2.6 to 3.2ohm resistance. This unit also works with other cartomizers.

Excellent Prices

Prices at VaporZone are excellent for the hardware you receive. Just remember to order juice. This is not included with your starter kit, regardless of which sort you purchase.

Few Faults

There are not too many reasons to complain about VaporZone. A few clients might have a bad experience at a shop because this happens periodically. Even the best customer service reps have bad days, in person and on the phone. Usually, problems are sorted out quickly if there are any.

A single consistent concern is that bottle sizes are too large. You have to buy 30mls at a time: go big or go home. What if you try a VaporZone flavor and it is not to your liking? Sampler bottles of 5ml or even 10ml bottles would be convenient. You pay $14.99 per 30ml bottle. This is not a terrible price for the size; pricing is generally excellent at VaporZone. The trouble is, that will be $14.99 wasted if the bottle’s contents are dumped down the sink.

If you and the juice do not hit it off at first, give each other time. Let the bottle sit for a while in a cool, dark place to steep. After a few days or a week you might get along better.

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