Bull Smoke

By Kirk Freeman
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A lot of customers look twice at Bull Smoke because its marketing strategy is different from all the rest. It is not sophisticated, slick, or sleek. This is a man’s e-cig, created and designed to attract the outdoor guy or the office worker away from analogs and onto vaping.

Bull Smoke City Slicker KitExcellent Pricing

The next thing you notice about Bull Smoke is the price of their starter kits. There are just two, each much the same in most ways. The Ranch Hand comes with tobacco flavors. A City Slicker features a variety. Both kits contain two batteries, a USB charger, wall adaptor, and ten cartridges. The price — just under $30 — will leave you asking, “are you kidding me?”

This is probably the cheapest e-cig kit anywhere on the market. You can look, but there is always something missing like that second battery or a kit contains half a many cartridges. For this much money, you can buy a V2 kit with one battery and a USB charger, but no wall adaptor and fewer cartridges. This is much the same story everywhere else you look.

Battery Life

A winning component of the Bull Smoke line is their battery power. It outlasts a lot of the competition and though it is not an eGo, the Bull Smoke battery does well in its category. Batteries come in limited colors: black, white, and stainless, for instance. This is not the place to go if you want a wide choice of shades: visit Halo and buy a G6 if that is your priority.

There are three lengths and levels of power available, however. Buy the Standard battery, similar in size and weight to an analog when connected to a cartridge. The Stubby makes your electronic cigarette a little shorter. As for the Kentucky, it produces more power for longer and extends the profile of your cig. If vapor production is thick and the nicotine hit is good with a Standard, I imagine the Kentucky is amazing.

Switch to manual batteries when you feel confident. Bull Smoke does well to offer the choice.

Bull Smoke Review of Flavors

They have a nice selection of flavors. Your standard tobacco blends, menthol etc., as well as basic dessert flavors such as vanilla, cherry, coffee and chocolate. We’ve enjoyed their flavors very much. They have a nice simple assortment which seems to follow their slogan of ‘no bull’.

Customer Service

People are funny. They can be excellent at doing things but not so great with people, work the other way around, or excel at both. From some reports, Bull Smoke customer service is quick, effective, functionally sound, but not all that welcoming. You won’t be having a chat with these guys — or this guy, as it sounds like this is a small company and only one employee could be answering the phone. For the sake of customers in Eastern United States, Bull Smoke is based in Fernley, Nevada.

More about Bull Smoke

There are far too few accessories at Bull Smoke but they are slowly adding to those. A feature that seems to have always been available is their Buckshot: disposable e cigs. They are inexpensive alternatives if you would rather skip the starter kit for now, even though it is so cheap.