Vapor Couture

By Kirk Freeman

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Company Review

Let’s just start by saying Vapor Couture was designed for a niche market. Most people, though they might think products are attractive, will tend to overlook Vapor Couture. There are a few reasons for my opinion which this Vapor Couture review will highlight.

Vapor Couture E CigsWomen’s E-Cig

Entering the site, I felt under-dressed and definitely not stylish enough. In fact, I think any woman over the age of 30 will imagine herself too old as well. This is not my opinion of where style stops, but of the impression Vapor Couture’s website creates.

A Paris Hilton look-alike is featured on one page. Certain images see young women modeling while vaping rather than modeling their vaping stick.

Women are clearly the audience Vapor Couture is aiming at: they state as much on their site. That group of women, however, is a smaller niche within their sex.

They have to be more interested in looks than how well a cigarette works and how much it costs, like the types of women who buy Miu Miu and Prada because of the name, eschewing equally attractive, well-made handbags because they don’t bear the fashionable label.

Vapor Couture Starter Kits

If you are still interested, read on and learn about some starter kits from Vapor Couture. They carry French and French-sounding names such as “Entrée” and “L’Essentiel.” Basically, these amount to “Entrance” and “Essential” or Beginners’ and Essentials’ kits in real money. What they also amount to is a lot of flash for a high price.

That first kit is your most affordable option at $41.46. It contains one battery, one disposable electronic cigarette, a USB charger, and 6 cartridges. They are available in Arctic Mint, Passion Fruit, and Rodeo Drive. You are definitely going to need that second battery sold separately.

The “L’Essentiel” Kit for $67.41 provides the second battery, a wall adaptor and USB charger, 10 cartridges (two 5-packs), and you can choose your battery colors. These are brushed platinum, rose gold, deep purple, and signature (sort-of white).

Their Maximale (Maximum? Ultimate?) Kit costs $207.51. You could buy an excellent mod for that, maybe a top of the line Smoktech, or better still the whole Rebel starter kit by Vapor Zone plus juice. Why is it so expensive? Your package comes with a necklace for your e-cig with a little charm on it, 20 cartridges, three batteries, a Smart Phone clutch, Portable Charging Case, and a car adaptor. The clutch is available in 4 colors; the PCC in 3.

There is also a travel kit called “Passeport” (just plain old “passport” with an extra “e”), and L’Essentiel + 1. That adds up to 5 starter kits, Maximale being the newest and most expensive of them all.

Vapor Couture Passport Starter Kit

Unless you feel naked without all of the accessories listed above, a lot of what the Maximale and Passeport Kits come with are superfluous to your vaping needs. These accessories amount to jewelry, bling — all unnecessary according to the definition of a starter kit that everybody knows: a kit to get you started.

Will women pay more for it, though? Well, Vapor Couture came out a while ago and is still enjoying good business. In fact,VMR products,. who also produces V2 Cigs is adding more items to the Vapor Couture catalogue, so the short answer is yes, women will shop at Vapor Couture. Men, meanwhile, will browse here for their wives and girlfriends.

Where Will Women Vape Vapor Couture?

Vapor Couture is not your all-day vaping machine unless you own 4 batteries at least, and keep them charged constantly. They are skinny and produce less than 100mAh of power. Expect to see women using these for the irregular puff between sips of cocktails at fashionable clubs while chatting with girlfriends or being chatted up by men. If regular e-cigs seem ridiculous to the eGo vaper, just imagine how a mini cig of this description appears.


If you think you will just add Vapor Couture cartridges to other batteries, there will be a slight problem with size. The diameter of Vapor Couture cartridges and batteries is skinny: like a fashionable slim cig. In that sense, there is an analog equivalent, though not in colors by Vapor Couture. Vapor Couture does not feel or look authentic, being so much lighter than the real thing.


This review is pretty negative, but there are some encouraging points worth mentioning too. For instance, Vapor Couture e-cigs are beautiful. Each cartridge is available in a matching color to go with the flavor: Arctic Mint is brushed platinum; Rodeo Drive is available in Deep Purple; Passion Fruit comes in rose gold. Other flavors are Strawberry Champagne, Fresh Mint, and Bombshell (a rich tobacco). A pack of 5 costs $13.44. Although this is cheaper than V2, remember their capacity is far less.

Vapor Couture DisposableDisposables are just as beautiful, but you can only choose from Rodeo Drive, Passion Fruit, Arctic Mint, and only in 1.2% nicotine. They cost $46.65 for 5 and $82.87 for 10.

The Stainless Steel Fluted Charm E-Cig necklace is lovely. Also available in Sterling Silver, you pay $51.84 or $155.62 for this item: definitely one for a lady’s birthday wish list.

Metal Carry Cases cost $31.08, while the PCC is $62.22 with a sliding lid. The Smart Phone Clutch resembling a handbag with removable strap costs the same as a PCC. Hardware is available for EU and UK customers or jet-setting individuals who travel to Europe and the United Kingdom as part of their on-the-go routine.

You get the impression that, apart from European customers (V2 is popular there also), lots of Americans will likewise fall for these chargers because they are used to traveling. They can afford to take overseas holidays; therefore, they can afford Vapor Couture.

All About Vapor Couture from V2 Cigs on Vimeo.