Mt Baker Vapor

By Kirk Freeman

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Washington State’s Mount Baker Vapor boasts a fan club of sorts. They swap information about vapor flavors, including concentrations they chose and how to customize a juice satisfactorily. While personal tastes complicate the review process, consumers sharing similar favorites take a lot away from these personal anecdotes.

They also form a community, which is something e-cig users appear to need: a community of like-minded individuals emphasizing the value of electronic cigarettes to their lives, especially as a means of quitting smoking. Many of their comments end with banners showing how long they have been cig-free.

Mount Baker Vapor Review

The role of Mount Baker Vapor in this transformation is mostly related to vapor juice. Though they sell hardware, it is their flavors that most comments revolve around. Products on their website are largely brand names and those receive their own reviews. Unless you are talking about customer service and shipping (customer service is excellent at Mount Baker Vapor; shipping is quick), what you need most is to hear about their e-liquid.

Juices from Mount Baker Vapor

Here are just some of the vapor juices sold at Mount Baker Vapor and commented about online:

• Hawk Sauce
• Root Beer
• Fudge Brownie
• Wild Cherry
• Albino Drake
• Spring Break

I could go on to include more fruits, desserts, and tobaccos, but I will start with Cucumber Mint because it is so unusual. Actually, if you read recipes for cocktails and salads, cucumber and mint make a refreshing combination. Customers cite that there is too much mint and not enough cucumber in this blend.

Hawk Sauce is a bestseller; so popular the firm ran out of it during what they humorously called “The Great Hawk Sauce Shortage of 2013.” This led to the creation of a Faux Hawk.

Their Rye 4 tobacco is excellent. So is Root Beer. You notice there are differences in flavor between opening a bottle and later uses (maybe days or more than a week later). As e-liquid ages, this changes dominant impressions. In the case of Root Beer, you start with black licorice but end with authentic root beer. Some juices like this one are great out of the bottle. Let others sit if they are not working for you.

The Albino Drake is a bit sweet. White Wine tastes like cheap wine. Razzleberry and similar raspberry items are not so popular either.

What you want is a Sucker Punch, Caramel Apple (really authentic), or Fudge Brownie. These will have you hooked, especially with the excellent prices at Mount Baker Vapor.