South Beach Smoke

By Kirk Freeman

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This company has earned its position as one of the top vaping devices in the United States.

South Beach Smoke Deluxe Plus Starter KitSouth Beach Smoke Review

First, take a look at their starter kits because this is where a lot of customers begin. They sell four: the Deluxe Starter, Deluxe Plus, Deluxe Ultimate, and Deluxe Couples.

A Deluxe Starter for $59.99 gives you two batteries of different sizes: a standard and a SuperMax for more power than the regular battery. It will also be longer, just so you are aware. The kit comes with a USB charger, wall adaptor, and ten cartridges. So far so good: those are precisely the items you want for a decent if not newsworthy price.

With a Deluxe Plus Kit, costing $89.99, add a power cigarette, a car adaptor, and universal carry case. An extra $30 essentially buys $40+ worth of goodies.

The Deluxe Ultimate for $159.99 adds a third battery (a SuperMax), a PCC, lanyard, and 10 more cartridges. The Portable Charging case is worth around $50 on this site. The kit is almost double the price of a Deluxe Plus, and for that you receive twice as many cartridges, the PCC, and a lanyard.

I would say axe the lanyard and cut the price by $10. A PCC is worth the investment, or just buy a Deluxe Plus Kit and a PCC on its own for a grand total of $139.99.

The Deluxe Couples Kit is simply two kits in one for partners who want to share their vaping experience, or just wise individuals who know they are going to need those extras later on and would rather pay for a kit that is cheaper than a piece here and a piece there.


Six additional flavors were recently added to their lineup. Besides tobacco styles, menthol, vanilla, etc., you can also buy two more types of mint: orange or tobacco. The two new hookah styles are grape and double apple. South Beach Smoke also added lemon-lime and watermelon. They are starting to cover more ground, competing with the e-juice manufacturers to create pre-filled cartridges customers will return to.

Buying these cartridges is going to seem expensive at the outset. Unless you replace your first set of cartridges with the new styles, there is no option to buy packs of five. You have to order 3 packs of five for $39.99 or more than that, which is definitely cheaper, and will save you shipping in the long run. I just like there to be options. If it turns out you love Double Apple Hookah or Orange Mint, these come in five-packs costing $14.99 each. This is a bit much when packs priced $12.99 and lower are easier to find, just not with compatible threading.

This is one way e-cig companies create your loyalty. First, you spend what feels like a fortune up front to buy hardware. Then you have to replace cartridges, but can only buy ones from the same company. Find an adaptor and it is possible your South Beach Smoke cartridges, if they are not to your liking, can be ditched in favor of others.

Then again, you are probably going to find something enjoyable on their menu. There always is something. Not all 16 flavors can be awful. Remember, they are not the same as cigarettes so flavors take some getting used to.

When screwed together, the cigarette looks like a real analog. Only a band of color on the orange portion indicates it is a flavor.


Although some clients will argue there should be no disposable electronic cigarettes because they are too wasteful, there are plenty of battery-recycling locations. A disposable e-cig affords an excellent introduction to vaping without commitment to the whole package of parts. There is a limited selection of flavors and no singles, but you can get packets of 3 for $11.99, which is unbelievable. Buy 8 at a time and pay just $22.49.

Build your own Starter Kit

Would you try to build your own starter kit when South Beach Smoke offers 4 ready for shipping? I am sure customers try to create kits so they get exactly what they want without paying a penny more or ending up with a single useless item.

Here are some of the basics you will be purchasing. At a minimum, your 5 cartridges will cost $14.99. Add a USB charger ($14.99) and batteries ($22.95 or $17.95 each). With two of those, you are at a minimum of $35.90. You have already reached about $65 without a wall charger and only 5 cartridges. It always seems clever to start from scratch, but the figures don’t lie.