Halo Cigs

Halo Cigs offers electronic cigarettes and premium e-liquid amongst other e-cig accessories and apparel. The company has recently dropped the price of one of its starter kit categories and redesigned the other one.

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White Halo G6 BatteryHalo Cigs Electronic Cigarettes

Halo Cigs come with the following features:

  • Very easy to use/operate
  • Extremely sleek and stylish in design
  • Available in many different colors and design
  • Premium e-liquid (for much better taste and increased vapor)

Halo Cigs come with a 2 component design; these two components include a cartomizer and a battery. The battery is responsible for switching the e-cigs on. The cartomizer is where users add e-liquid, which when smoked delivers taste and vapor.

Halo Cigs E JuiceHalo Cigs E-Liquid

Halo Cigs offers premium e-liquid that is not available elsewhere. Formulated by lab tested ingredients, the e-liquid is manufactured in the U.S and comes with safe to use ingredients. Halo Smoke offers e-liquid in many different flavors such as different Tobacco flavors, cherry flavors and menthol flavors.

For those who are very particular about the taste of their e-cigs, they are going to love Halo Cigs as it offers several different types of flavors in each flavors’ category. For instance, in the Menthol flavor category, there are sub flavors such as Menthol Ice, Cool Mist, Sub Zero and Mystic. The same is true for the other two flavor categories.

Halo E-liquid

Product Offering And Pricing

You can either get the G6 starter kit or the Triton Tank System at Halo Cigs. While the latter is moderately priced, the latter is slightly higher in price but better in quality too.

  • The G6 starter kits are available in different colors and designs but all the kits are priced the same ($44.99).

Halo Cigs G6 Starter Kit Blue

  • On the other hand, Triton Tank System also offers kits in different styles and colors but are priced the same ($64.99).

Halo Cigs Iridescent Triton Starter Kit

Both kits differ in terms of their product offerings.

To obtain more information about the starter kits, users are advised to visit the company’s official site.

Aside from the starter kits, the company also offers plenty of accessories for both G6 and Triton Tank System kits. These include batteries, chargers, mini tanks, cartomizers, tanks and others that users can buy separately to further improve their e-cig smoking experience.

Customer Support

Halo Cigs’ customer support operates 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM, Monday to Friday. Users can get in touch with the staff to get advice or any help regarding the company’s products and services via chat on their site.

Payment And Shipping

In order to buy Halo Cigs, users will have to visit the company’s official site (halocigs.com). If you are a resident of United States of America, you can avail free shipping if you order products above $75. If you are not in America, you can always order Halo Cigs’ products as it offers international shipping too.


Halo Cigs is a unique e-cigs brand. The company’s e-cigs stand out from other brands due to their style. Moreover, with respect to starter kits and flavors too, Halo Cigs still stands out from other e-cig brands and their product offerings. The company offers moderately priced products that offer value for money.

Buy Online:  HaloCigs.com