Bull Smoke

By Kirk Freeman

Bull Smoke is known for its thematic product names and Wild West website. If you look up “Buckshot” disposables, for instance, a woman in a tavern and provocative old-style western clothing holding a bottle gives a warm smile to a male customer. In another shot, a cowboy and his horse hit the ground running, dust pluming behind them.

Here’s Their Stand Out Aspect:

Their starter kits, with two batteries and 10 flavor cartridges are under $30 (most all other kits are $45-$75 for the same).

If you are on a budget, check out their starter kits at http://bullsmoke.com, you can’t beat those prices anywhere!

Bull Smoke Electronic CigaretteWhat about the goods: are they part of some gimmick designed to entertain rather than really work? Bull Smoke sells a high-powered battery, what they claim is one of the best in the business. They also choose not to fool around with posh products for young clubbers. Their business is vapor technology.

Customers have to realize, though, that predicting the life of a battery charge is not an exact science. It depends on how an electronic cigarette is used. If you smoke a lot, a charge might last a few hours. Light smokers who only take a few puffs over drinks might make their batteries survive a few days.

For the heavy smoker, a good choice of battery is the Kentucky, an extra-long item designed to outlast regular and Stubby batteries.
Buckshot Disposable

Each refill cartridge should give you about the same amount of vapor as 1 ¼ packages would supply smokers, or up to 300 drags.

Buckshot is the Bull Smoke disposable which, at $5 per stick, is one of the market’s cheapest examples.

Each one produces enough vapor and power for as many as 450 puffs depending on how deep your drag is. That would be two packs of cigs in old-fashioned terms.

A starter kit contains a USB charger, wall adaptor, and two batteries. People who smoke in their cars can buy car adaptors. Other items for sale include a personal charging case (the Bullpen) and Express Charger.

Bull Smoke Starter Kit

Bull Smoke sticks with what they call “Everyday Low Prices” showing how much their kits would cost at regular retail pricing. This makes their prices appear very low. The only way to know if they are worth the money is to try one or read a Bull Smoke review.

Visit: http://bullsmoke.com