Vapor Couture

By Kirk Freeman

Vapor Couture is a sister company of a renowned e-cig brand called V2 Cigs. While V2 Cigs is an e-cig brand for all, Vapor Couture is designed for exclusively for ladies.

Vapor Couture Brushed Platinum BatteryAt Vapor Couture, users can find extremely attractive looking e-cigs that boast sleek and stylish designs.

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Vapor Couture Vapor Volume

Vapor Couture electronic cigarettes are made out of high quality materials and hence, the vapor volume of VC e-cigs is thick. With Vapor Couture, users will not feel like they are smoking e-cigs in place of regular cigarettes.

Moreover, the e-liquid is also made out safe to use ingredients and the premium e-liquid thereby delivers great taste. Vapor Couture’s e-cigs don’t leave a bad aftertaste and the overall vaping experience is also very smooth.

Vapor Couture electronic cigarettes - the world's premier ecig designed exclusively for women!

Vapor Couture Starter Kits

There are four starter kits available at VC including:

  • Entrée Kit
  • L’Essentiel Kit
  • L’Essentiel + 1 Kit
  • Passeport Kit

The most basic kit is the Entrée Kit, which is priced at $39.95. This kit is best suited for beginners- women who are just getting started on e-cig smoking.

Vapor Couture Entree Kit

On the other hand, the L’Essentiel Kit is available for $64.95 and carries more than just the essential items.

The L’Essentiel + 1 kit contains all the basic items and accessories to go with your e-cig products.

And lastly, the Passeport Kit is available for $149.95 and is great to use while on the go.

Passeport Kit

Battery Life

Vapor Couture batteries are extremely slim in design and powerful, which not only will ensure high vapor production but also a long battery life.

Typically, users will get 7-8 hours of uninterrupted e-cig smoking before they will be prompted to charge their battery again.

The batteries can also be purchased separately in different colors including deep purple, rose gold, white signature battery and brushed platinum battery.

Vapor Couture DisposableDisposable E-Cigs

Vapor Couture also offers disposable electronic cigarettes in two packs; the 5 pack and the 10 pack.

The 5 pack is available for $44.95 and the 10 pack is available for $79.95.

The Disposable electronic cigarettes are best for one time use but will last for at least a day or two, depending on your usage.

Vapor Couture Portable Charging CaseAccessories

Vapor Couture sells some of the most elegantly designed accessories.

The most trending accessories are the metal carry case that is available for $29.95, the portable charging case available for $59.95 and the sterling silver charm necklace available for $149.95.

Vapor Couture’s products can be purchased directly from the company’s official website using payment options such as Visa and MasterCard.

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