50 And 100 Watt Box Mods

Until a few months ago, one might have assumed there was no such thing as a 100-watt limit to a vaping mod. Is it even safe to vape to these extremes? You will certainly need to know about coils and how to wrap them to very low resistance and really understand how to stay safe.

If you are a newbie, these devices are not a good idea or you should at least avoid trying to set your device to maximum wattage. The potential to miscalculate could be expensive for you. It is not uncommon for a 50- or 100-watt box mod to cost in excess of $100 without the provision of a tank, battery, or charger.

50 and 100 Watt Box Mod Examples

In the following article, we will take a look at several models of e cigs that really defy the description: they no longer resemble cigarettes but are more like walkie-talkies, transistor radios, and thick iPods. In terms of dimensions, they take up less room than an iPod until turned sideways when you see they are deeper. Varieties found without trouble over the internet include the Sigelei 50-100 Watt, VaporFi Vox 50, Double D, Atlas 50W, and the IPV V2.

IPV by Green Leaf

This is a desirable piece of machinery judging by what consumers are saying — a box mod that works well and is easy to use. Reach resistance as low as 0.2 ohms, meaning you can vape at high temperatures to create excellent plumes of vapor. An internal chip provides 7 to 50 watts, reads ohms, and protects against reverse battery, low resistance, and other typical issues. It’s 510-threaded and the case is vented to keep it cool.

Sigelei 50-100 Watt

As it comes, the Sigelei is set for up to 50 watts adjustable by increments of 0.1 watts at a time. A body of aluminum alloy makes it lighter than the box at first appears to be (it made me think of a tiny VCR). The Sigelei’s lovely blue OLED screen shows you the settings as you scroll up or down. Insert two 18650 batteries (not included) and you will watch the device go up to 7 volts as you press buttons. Because of this low voltage rating, it cannot naturally achieve 100 watts. That’s why you have to get crafty, and you can do it. Sigelei even tells you how.

Adjust the resistance of your atomizer to as low as 0.15 ohms. When you do this, the wattage can go as high as 100 watts. That’s why the Sigelei 50-100 Watt Box Mod is not for new or even intermediate vapers. You need to be confident and use this for the first time with someone who knows how to wrap coils. Inside is a Yihi SX3300 V3 chip that allows wattage adjustments by increments of 1 watt at a time after 50 watts. These mods cost around $150 or less without batteries or a tank.

The Double D

For around $115, you can have a box mod available in several colors with a lightweight aluminum case. It reaches 50 watts and a maximum of 10 amps, accepts as little as 0.5 ohms resistance, and serves from 3 to 6volts. The 510 connector pin is fixed which can be a damper on compatibility, but you will soon figure out which tanks thread onto the Double D.

Atlas 50W

The Atlas regulates voltage for you according to the wattage you choose (this is a standard feature controlled by a computer chip). Set it from 5 to 50 watts. Your Atlas reads resistance: choose 0.2-ohm to 3-ohm resistance for your coil and read voltage from 1.5 to 9.5 on your screen. By-pass functionality allows you to use the battery without the computer chip if you just want to vape in a low-tech way. The Atlas is often described as a quality piece that really performs for about $200. Upgrade whenever you want: owners say it’s easy.

VaporFi Vox 50

VaporFi’s Vox 50 with rounded edges is less boxy than the usual box mod, but it does the same sort of job. Adjust from 3 to 8.5 volts and up to 50 watts. Your device will read ohms and help you set the right temperature according to the atomizer you are using.

It’s got a 510 thread so you probably don’t need to buy a specific tank, although VaporFi carries several that work. They tend to be more expensive than examples found at e-tail outlets, brands like Kanger and the iClear line. Your Vox 50 is a power house, but it also costs $200 for a charger, battery (18650), and the mod.


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