Vapor Brothers Hands Free

Southern California has a lot going for it, including Vapor Brothers. Since 2006, they have been making hands-free vaporizers in the box style. There are plenty of reasons to give this model some serious thought, not least of which is the affordable price. Even if you have never heard of Vapor Brothers, their nearly decade-long presence marks them as a reliable vaporizer manufacturer.

Vapor Brothers Hands Free Review

The box style vaporizer does not have the looks of a Volcano or an Arizer, but it has the function you want. What is “hands-free?” This means the whip and vaporizer are connected. A ground glass taper keeps them together without you having to hold the whip. Not all box-style mods are built this way, but the advantage is you can do other things while vaping, like read a book.

The Vapor Brothers Hands Free Vaporizer heats up quickly to produce smooth vapor so you are not waiting too long to get started. Vapor Brothers sells them for $185 and offers a payment plan if that is too much for an outright purchase. Compared to some similar devices, it is expensive. But The Plenty costs about $350 and some handheld mods cost $250.

Parts and Materials with your Box Mod

Prices for vaporizers relate to the technology included and also the materials incorporated into their creation. For example, the ceramic heating element has been independently tested to prove how well it works without producing toxins. The whip handle and mouthpiece are made from the same material. Ceramic is stronger than glass.

Tubing comes from the sort of plastic used to hook up IV bags which is BPA- and DEHP-free. If it is safe for hospital patients, you know it is safe for vaporizing. The mesh screen is made from stainless steel, but you can buy a ceramic one separately if you prefer that material for its purity.

Vaporizer Appearances

Many consumers prefer the futuristic black and silver models of vaporizers available today but there is also a contingent in favor of warm wood. This box mod falls into the second category and is nothing fancy to look at, but it has a rustic appearance. Select a Vapor Brothers Hands Free Vaporizer in natural wood or stained to a dark coffee finish.

Powering your Box Mod

Customers from North America plug the Vapor Brothers Vaporizer into a regular 110v power outlet. There is also a 220v international version available if you are ordering from the United Kingdom or care to buy one and send it to the UK. Aromatics are sold separately.