Vaporfi Orbit

Before the Orbit by Vaporfi is launched for real and consumers can hold them in their hands, there is some time to explore the Orbit: what it is, how much it costs, and how to compare it with other models. Before you buy one, think about any questions you might want to ask.

Vaporfi currently does not have a ton on their product description page so there will be plenty of unanswered questions, and their FAQ page is also lacking substance at the moment. Maybe they will beef that up later. For now, here are some things to think about.

What is a Vaporizer?

A vaporizer does with herbs, waxes, or essential oils what an electronic cigarette does with e-liquid: heats it up so it turns into vapor. Various temperatures do this most effectively for different materials.

orbitWho is the Vaporfi Orbit for?

Vaporfi makes e cigarettes in styles for new users, moderately experienced consumers, and experienced vapers. Their selection was designed to satisfy smokers, not to create a new hobby, and that’s why the Orbit was created as well: or is it?

Herbal vaporizers are preferred by vapers using real tobacco and plant materials, which include marijuana. In other words, a lot of customers are going to be choosing the Vaporfi not as a tobacco smoking alternative but as a way to enjoy weed without combustion. There’s also another reason to launch the Orbit.

Why Launch It Now?

V2 Cigs recently released their anticipated answer to 3-in-1 vaporizer pens: the Pro Series which vaporizes herbs, essential oils, and e-liquids. Vaporfi and V2 Cigs are in direct competition with each other, especially now that V2 Cigs sells a high-powered e cig instead of just their mini cigs (of which the EX Series is one, if a better one than usual).

Vaporfi is also launching the Orbit at the same time they say goodbye to their old name — Vapor Zone. The timing is great for introducing a new product.

Vaporfi Orbit Review

What is the Orbit? It’s only meant for vaporizing herbs: not e liquids or essential oils. The Orbit has a one-piece design like that of the PAX by Ploom or a G Pro pen. Colors are black or red and the battery power is 2200 mAh. Your kit comes with a USB charging cable, cleaning brush, 5 mesh replacements, 5 silicone mouthpiece covers, and a manual. The chamber holds 1.7 ml of ground herbs.

Pictures make the Orbit look like a ray gun out of Star Trek. The price ($99.99) is relatively low, especially if you add discounts from applicable coupon codes.

Comparing Prices and Devices

Think about what that cost gets you. A PAX costs $249.99. The Davinci is priced around $200. These are competing in the same market, but the PAX most closely resembles the Orbit.

The PAX is a one-piece device as well with an LED indicator light on one side that tells users what temperature the heating chamber has reached or indicates the battery charge. Inside the PAX there is a stainless steel air path and a permanent battery.

Questions for Vaporfi

So what material is the vapor path made of? Stainless steel is good, but glass is better. Is the heating chamber made of ceramic? This material sets the standard. Will the battery come out of an Orbit or must you charge it internally and use it until the battery has reached its charging-cycle limit? That could take as little as a year.

Can consumers set the temperature? If so, how many settings are there? Do LED lights indicate when a value has been reached or tell the user to charge her battery?

Comparing Price

I have my suspicions that the Vaporfi Orbit is so much more affordable than a PAX for two reasons. One is that their device is more cheaply made. The other is that Vaporfi, being a bigger company, can afford to set the price lower. Ploom rests all its hopes on the PAX. Vaporfi has a whole product line to keep them going so if their entry into the realm of portable vaporizers is unsuccessful, they don’t lose everything.

Which One Is Better?

So far this is still the pre-order stage for Vaporfi’s Orbit and any reviews released thus far are really just expressions of excitement. There is plenty of positive talk about the Orbit which is based mostly on Vaporfi’s reputation. They are not about to ruin that with a sub-par product.

But that does not mean the Orbit is better. Keep an open mind. The makers of PAX herbal vaporizers spent a long time devising their plans and the result is a popular product, and like a Rolls Royce, the price reflects that.