South Beach Smoke Curve

At South Beach Smoke, you will notice some things have changed. Where the website was once dominated by a series of cigalike starter kits, with one vaporizer out on a limb by itself, they now carry four vaporizers. It’s as though they want to keep up with VaporFi and V2 Cigs or something.

South Beach Smoke hasn’t gone that far (for instance, they haven’t launched an herbal vaporizer or a box mod), but they are doing pretty well all the same. Eversmoke can keep its limited list of products while sister company South Beach Smoke launches into a new area.

South Beach Smoke CurveThe South Beach Smoke Curve Review

Of their four vaporizers, the one that is bound to attract the most attention is the shapeliest of them all: the Curve. Costing $49.99, it is like the feminine twin of tomboy sister the Pro at VaporFi. I cannot help but notice similarities because both of these (and Eversmoke) are owned by a single parent company.

South Beach Smoke sells VaporFi e juice with the South Beach Smoke label. I wondered if South Beach Smoke would just borrow everything from its sister and slap a new label on it, but they have not. The Curve is different, at least where looks are concerned.

Soft and Shapely

The difference is all about looks, and that can be an important difference for a lot of vapers. While V2 Cigs’ sister brand Vapor Couture addressed the female vaping audience, only shiny eGo batteries covered in rhinestones do the same for women who vape bigger e cigs. That has all changed with the Curve.

Buxom Curve Starter Kit

South Beach Smoke is generally known for producing quality goods their customers can afford. The $49.99 package is filled with a charging kit, clearomizer, and a battery. You get just one, but that is all you need at 650 mAh. If you have to recharge this device at all during the day, it will be just once after many hours of continuous vaping.

Select the battery and clearomizer in matching, complementary, or clashing colors from a list which includes green, purple, red, and orange. Resistance is low but not futile at 2.2 ohms. At 100.25 mm (almost 4 inches), the Curve is pretty long, emphasis on “pretty.”

Pick Up Replacements

South Beach Smoke carries accessories for all of their new vaporizers such as chargers and e liquid. A great thing about their four new devices is that you can buy a tank for the Air, say, and use it on the Thunder, Storm, or Curve. Although you probably like the rounded profile of a Curve clearomizer and the more subtle softness of its battery, you can adopt a curve at one end and a straight line at the other for a change. Curve batteries sell for $27.99 each. Replacement tanks cost only $9.99.

Customizable E Cig

In fact, just visit the heading marked “Build Your Own Vaporizer” at South Beach Smoke and answer all the questions. Select a model of tank and a model of battery. These items will appear on the side of the web page matched together so you can see what they would look like in your hand. Select a color for each part.

Change your ideas around, substituting tanks and batteries until you wind up with the most unusual or outlandish item you can think of. The Curve, when combined with its straight-laced cousins, should be a part of that.