From the first moment you see a Firefly Vaporizer you will fall in love with its looks, but what about the way it performs? Are its looks shallow, hiding minimal performance? For a portable vaporizer costing under $300, you will feel like your money was well spent.

Firefly Vaporizer Review

When you pay $270 for a vaporizer, it should give you several things: easy heating, easy maintenance, easy filling, and durability. The Firefly offers all of these and more.

The appearance of your device is much like that of a cell phone but thinner at the bottom than the top. This difference is only subtle, not like a cone, but it is indicative of an inner structure designed for purpose, not just poise.

You want this shape because it means herbs are easy to add with a wider top than bottom. It also means they come out with minimal effort or mess being somewhat pinched. The inward slope is also not so narrow as to add effort to cleaning; just rinse and brush as usual without restriction.

Sophisticated Software

One of the best features of the Firefly Vaporizer, which is powered by a rechargeable battery, is how quickly it heats up. Notice how it rises from 100F to 400F in 10 seconds. That’s fast, courtesy of smart software.

It also takes less than an hour to recharge that battery. A forty-five minute wait is relatively short, though it does not last long either. For each charge, you enjoy about 40 draws, though this can differ if your draw is longer or shorter than average.

Small devices like the Firefly are probably best for travel and as a fallback to use when you are away from your main desktop device.

Reliable Design

The lid is magnetic so it opens easily and shuts reliably. A borosilicate glass heating chamber creates clean-tasting vapor, and the glass is a good conductor of heat. Combining metal and glass in this way is said to produce reliable heat so that you not only reach a desirable temperature, and quickly, but the chamber remains even while heated. You want the warmth to remain consistent so you get the best of your herbs.

For the Price

A Firefly kit in its entirety for the price above or thereabouts includes a soft case, AC adaptor, cleaning kit, and a battery. You can check around for deals but be sure this is the minimum you receive. Reviews will continue to lead you to a Firefly if you want a small vaporizer as it is a consistent favorite.