Arizer Solo

An Arizer Solo would look beautiful on your tabletop or in your hand. It is worth pointing this out because aesthetics are important. With competition heightening in the vaporizer industry, one can have all the benefits of a great handheld machine and enjoy a device’s artistic merits while still paying a reasonable price. A black or silver Arizer Solo would not look out of place in any room of your house. The regular retail price is about $240.

Arizer SoloAn Arizer Solo Review

Look closely at this portable vaporizer made in Canada. It is just 4.5″ tall making the Solo a handheld unit you will find online sold next to the Firefly, Ascent, Iolite, and Pax.

Small is discrete: there won’t be all of those bothersome questions to ask about what is peaking out the top of your bag because it will not peak. It will nestle snugly in your purse or knapsack. A Solo is packaged with its own protective case too, ensuring the exterior remains scratch-free if you carry it long distances in a backpack or briefcase, for instance.

How to Charge the Solo

Not only is the Solo light and small, it uses no cords. It is a wireless, battery-operated vaporizer. Allow 4 hours so as to fully charge your batteries. They perform best and last longest when fully charged so do not cut corners.

On a full charge, batteries work for about 2 hours but less when you run the Solo at its highest heat. By choosing a lower heat, you get more out of the batteries, but it’s a matter of personal preference as to the temperature you select.

Heating Herbs Safely

First, decide how hot you like your vapor and how your materials respond to particular temperatures. Next, select one of 7 temperatures. The front piece lights up a bulb next to your desired setting so you know when the Solo is ready. Options range from 50C up to as much as 210C or 122F to 410F. Auto shut-off turns off the device after 2 hours or 4 hours so it does not keep using up battery power when you leave it unattended. Digital controls precisely warm your ceramic heating chamber.

The Build of an Arizer Solo

What stops a handheld vaporizer from feeling too hot in your hands or even leaving you with a nasty burn? In the case of some items, not much: many items are poorly vented and insulated so consumers are uncomfortably aware that the chamber is heating up. A hint that you are getting poor-quality manufacturing is a price so low you imagine it can’t be true. Stainless steel encases this vaporizer to prevent heat loss and a too-warm sensation.

The makers of Arizer Solo have chosen glass for the whip to create a clean taste. If these break or are misplaced, merely replace them at Arizer’s website or go to an authorized dealer.

Vaporizing with the Solo

You are looking at a multi-purpose vaporizer. Heat up aromatic herbs, essential oils, and vaporize by drawing on the whip.

Mouthpieces can be interchanged when vaping with multiple people. This way you won’t be sharing germs between friends.


Look to Arizer directly for extra pieces like charging devices so you can keep the battery working wherever you go. Buy a power pack and take your portable device on a holiday or to commute to and from work. Both Arizer and authorized distributors of Arizer products carry these items.

Accessories Elsewhere

One of the many good reasons to look beyond Arizer to an authorized retailer is that they frequently provide additional items at a good price. You might not need to buy an Arizer-specific item (the grinder is a good example) and freebies are sometimes posted with the purchase of a vaporizer. Arizer does not carry herbs, so look around for a shop that carries these. Arizer extras such as screens should be Solo-specific so they fit.

The Arizer comes with cleaning tools so make sure to use them as often as necessity dictates. You will notice build up of herbal particles and smells/flavors when you vape which indicate the time to clean your Solo came and went. Don’t waste any more time: scrub out build-up and keep this unit clean. It’s not just a matter of cleanliness for its own sake but one of function: vaporizers function better for longer when they are maintained, so replace screens every month at least (if using regularly), and clean your unit every 5 days or so.

Looking Good

We talked about function which is the most important thing, but don’t forget looks either. If this is going to be your vaporizing buddy for a long time, it should be visually appealing. The Arizer Solo is a small tower or candle facing upright and providing symmetrical good looks.

More from Arizer

Most of the features of a Solo are also noticeable in their other products as well, including food-grade stainless steel casing and ceramic heating chambers. This goes for the Extreme, a remote-control that plugs into a wall. The Solo, meanwhile, is one of the best portable models around so add it to your short list. It will be featured wherever fine vaporizers are sold.