Davinci Ascent

Davinci is a well known maker of Vaporizers, and their biggest-name product is the Ascent. This device is relatively new having been introduced in 2013. Since that time it has proven to be a well-loved item of durability, style, and performance. Though small, it offers great things.

Davinci Vaporizer Review: The Ascent

If you are willing to spend between $250 and $280 on a vaporizer, you could own an Ascent, and it would be a good place to start. The lowest you can pay for a decent model is about $120, and most good ones are a lot more expensive, so pay the extra for performance.

Here are some of the benefits of choosing an Ascent:

• Great looks
• Portable size
• Discrete appearance
• 4-hour running time
• Temperature technology
• A readable screen
• Flexibility

Let’s look at these features and others more closely.

Davinci AscentLooks and Size

An Ascent by Davinci looks a lot like a cell phone. Without the mouthpiece at the top, you could easily pass it off as a quiet phone and you might sometimes reach over to flip up the top and call someone.

There are several options for the exterior look: Stealth, Burl Wood, Carbon Fiber, Croc Skin (two-toned), and Skulls which is a limited edition. Also, when looking at prices, the highest figure represents this last design. This color range allows you to own an item of timeless sophistication or modern creativity.

Four-Hour Running Time

Although the Ascent is small, it pulls off an amazing feat: four hours of vaporizing per charge. The usual limit is typically about 2 hours. Of course, sometimes these figures are artificially inflated, but even if you enjoy 3 hours on a charged battery, that is plenty of vaping time. By then, the amount of material you insert will have been used up anyway.

Setting the Temperature

The most important part of your vaporizer is the heating technology it uses. This is what allows your unit to reach a maximum temperature to vaporize materials without burning them to create smoke. If you create smoke, you are no longer vaporizing but smoking. If the power is inadequate, you get no vapor; no smell.

This Davinci device uses Smart Temperature Technology. This allows you to digitally set your machine to whatever temperature you want. The big OLED screen is easy to read too.

Digital settings are known for their accuracy, which is greater than the accuracy of non-digital machines. The variation of temperature from your chosen setting is smaller.

More Positives

One of the best features of an Ascent is the ability to fill it with essential oils or aromatic herbs. A lot of portable devices allow you to use only herbs or oils, so Davinci has made a flexible alternative.

Your glass mouthpiece is removable for easy cleaning and comes with the unit. Ease of cleaning is something as important to vaporizers as the label “machine washable” is to clothes shoppers.

Just being portable while still containing high-tech software is amazing and convenient. You might not even want a tabletop model with an Ascent in your pocket. It is powerful, durable, and backed by a good warranty. You can take it anywhere you like and charge it in most places if you own a USB charger (for the car or home). Compared to a desktop vaporizer, it is much more affordable too.

Buying the Package

When you order an Ascent online, your package should come with some additional pieces besides the unit, such as a battery, two oil jars, two stems, and a wall charger. Some companies offer incentives like additional items, or they do not charge for shipping.