Vaporfi VOX 50 Mod

Box mods and DNA mods have taken the vaping world by electrical storm lately. As more of them are developed and released and technology speeds along faster than vendors can keep up, there is a need for some more style options besides the basic box resembling a tiny version of your ancient Atari game console in metallic shades of blue and green. Vaporfi obliged with their sleek VOX 50 Mod. It is not a box or a tube but a gorgeous, steely hybrid of both.

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VaporFi Vox 50 ModStats for the Vaporfi VOX 50

Priced $199.99, this is a high-end device. That price does not include a tank or a battery either. Customers are paying partly for style: Vaporfi has designed a unique-looking box mod. They are also paying for performance.

Most box mods do not offer pass-through capability, but the VOX 50 does. There are lots of other positives too, but anyone who says $200 is too much has a point.

The VOX runs between 3 volts and 8.5 volts or 7 and 50 watts. Wattage is the result of voltage multiplied by resistance. If you increase wattage, volts will have to adjust to the resistance of your atomizer, but that math is done automatically by the chip in your box mod.

Adjust by 0.1-watt increments and your device will automatically set voltage so it is compatible with the resistance of your atomizer. Use a coil rated as low as 0.2 ohms but no higher than 3 ohms. Watch the OLED screen for numbers like resistance, volts, and watts. These will come up clearly in spite of their small display.

Maximum output is 22 Amps for efficiency. Measuring 99 mm or 3.9″ long, the VOX is among the larger items of its kind, but it is still portable and discrete.

Protection for your Prized Vaporizer

One of the most important considerations for vapers when they buy this kind of gear is that the internal system and atomizer coil are protected from overcharge, battery reversal, and so on. The VOX 50 warns the user if his voltage is low or high. He will be warned about overheating and a reversed battery (mixing up the polarity can wreck some mods).

Vents around the battery casing help to prevent the 2100-mAh, 30A battery inside from overheating, although it is designed to run cool. VaporFi carries batteries for $19.99. The VOX shuts down if there is a short in the circuit.

VaporFi Bolt RDATank Talk

The pin on your VOX is adjustable and threading is compatible with 510 tanks. Consequently, most tanks will fit onto it, but Vaporfi made their own RDA (dripping atomizer) to fit neatly onto their VOX 50: the Bolt RDA. Measuring 22 mm, it comes with 4 extra O-rings, 10 feet of 30-g Kanthal wire, a screwdriver, 3 screws, and a drip tip.

This Stainless Steel, dual coil RDA (matched by the Stainless Steel VOX) uses copper contacts for reduced voltage drop and costs $49.99. Airflow is adjustable too. You can use some other tank, but cheap ones are not worthy of your new vaporizer. Use a quality product.

Add Vaporfi E Juice

Taste the flavor of your liquid. Select ideal output, programming the VOX 50 Mod to give you the light, moderate, or strong throat hit you want plus the heavy or medium plumes of vapor you desire. Vaporfi flavors will taste better than ever.

A 30-ml bottle costs $14.99 and you can choose varieties that are perfect for the big clouds produced by a dripping atomizer. Vaporfi even invites you to customize e liquid flavors for the same price as a listed flavor.

But there are several vegetable glycerin-dominant products on the market, some specifically blended to fill a room with vapor. The VOX 50 won’t disappoint cloud chasers and is worthy of high-end e juices.

VaporFi VOX 50 Watt Box Mod