Atmos Dart

Atmos is known for making some of the most popular portable vaporizers available today and for setting affordable prices. They don’t make medical vaporizers in the $400 range but personal products you can take anywhere, carried stealthily in a pocket; shoved into the front of a messenger bag.

They include the best-selling Atmos RX (Raw) and the Transporter. Atmos is also responsible for releasing a number of new models in recent months. If you haven’t looked at the brand recently, here’s a review that will introduce to you another one of their models to consider when you are in the market for a pocket-sized pen: the Dart.

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I love the name, Dart: it sounds fast and small, like something that does the job it needs to do quickly, efficiently, and discretely. You don’t see it coming or leaving. At least, bystanders don’t.

Shape wise, you might compare it with a South Beach Smoke Curve and that tells you a lot right there. The Dart is curvy. Atmos says this is to make it ergonomic; comfortable in your hand. Maybe so, but you could also argue its curves draw attention to the Dart and that’s what you want as a manufacturer. With so many items shaped more or less the same in this business, it’s great when something looks refreshingly different.

Atmos DartsPrice Point

For between $40 and $45, customers can own a good little performer in one of four subtle colors. The package comes with a battery, mouthpiece, liquid cartridge, heating chamber, and a USB charger. Some vendors might throw in a grinding card or a few cleaning tools so look around. Use the Dart with waxes or oils only, not herbs. E liquids might be okay.

Materials in the Atmos Dart

Here is one I haven’t seen advertised before, or it’s been a long time: an anodized heating chamber. Ceramic is better; stainless steel is an okay second choice. I am pretty sure you will get a smell out of the anodized chamber.

Cartridges for the Dart

Use a separate cartridge for wax from the one used for oils. Their viscosity effects coil performance so it really matters; if the material is too thick the coil clogs up. A wax cartridge costs $12; an oil cartridge costs $7. Replacement batteries are priced $19 each. At prices like these, you can afford to keep one cartridge for each of a few favorite flavors of oil or wax.

Value for Money

If you have $50 to spend and can find the Dart for this low price, it’s nothing fancy. Even the box is minimal, made of thin cardboard with little windows. It’s not reusable or helpful as a presentation box. It made me think of a pencil crayon box, actually. But paying less for packaging suggests Atmos puts more of their money into the device, and that’s what you want.

Who Would Buy the Atmos Dart?

I can imagine this being a popular product with college students. They can’t afford to buy a Volcano or a Herbalizer; books cost money and it could come down to a choice between food and vapor.

In this case, it’s not too hard to find $50 for an affordable pen like this one. Keep the battery charged so it works efficiently. Turn it off when you’re not using it and treat the thing with respect. It’ll get you through the Freshman year.