Most of the following devices are not just portable vaporizers but also small and deceptive works of ingenuity. They could be mistaken for something else in many instances. Perhaps the Vapir N02 is an exception, but the others could easily pass for inhalers, cell phones, and other devices.

The Best Portable Vaporizer

Finding the very best of these devices is no easy matter simply because there are many good choices. That is a good problem to have.

Vapir’s N02 is just one. There is the PAX by Ploom, Davinci Ascent, and Puffit-X as well. Other names might be on your list but are not featured here only because of space limitations.

I have also limited this selection to devices using rechargeable batteries.

If you are more interested in butane-powered items, the Iolite Original and Wispr 2 are the best way to go. They are both light, small, quiet machines and good value. They have a fresh, modern look which seems to suit the active customer the manufacturer had in mind.

Top Picks

Here’s two options for you, and between both of these brands, they have everything covered, from outstanding mini cigs, to dry herb, 3-in-1 pens, and advanced e-liquid devices.

orbit1. VaporFi (Loose Leaf)

This company has a whole progressive line of e-liquid pens, starting with a cigalike style, and moving up to more and more advanced devices.

As well as V2, they are continually expanding their selection, and have recently announced a dry herb vaporizer, and another advanced e-liquid vaporizer called The Rocket, which looks awesome.

Read more about the brand here

Purchase online at vaporfi.com


V2 Pro Series 32. V2 (Loose Leaf, Oil and E-Liquid)

They have an excellent selection of mini cigs (cigalikes), with many options.

Additionally they have released the first of s 3 part series of vape pens, the first is a 3-in-1 device with magnetic connections (high tech!)

Read more about the brand here

Purchase online at v2cigs.com


Vapir NO2Vapir N02 (Loose Leaf)

This direct draw vaporizer can be used as a portable device or plugged it into an outlet. Conserve your battery while at home if this is the one and only vaporizer you use. Among features of Vapir’s classy black item is the temperature recall which remembers the temperature you last set the vaporizer at before switching off.

Improvements to an earlier version include faster heat-up speed and the ability to alter your temperature using the buttons provided. Vapir employs a medical-grade brass heating element for efficiency and cleanliness. Users fill a larger chamber than previously for longer periods of vaping between refills. The only thing I have against it is its considerable length.

Buy: http://vapeworld.com


Puffit-XPuffit-X (Loose Leaf)

The Puffit inspired this second version of the inhaler-style vaporizer. With the Puffit-X, designers adopted an idea from customers to install a small fan.

It has to be one of the smallest fans in electronics. This is the first portable fan-assisted vaporizer in the world.

Adjust fan speed and temperature using the discrete controls on this most stealthy of devices (which would be stealthier in light blue than the bright colors offered currently). Vapor is released every 10 seconds, so if you have breathing issues this is perfect.

A gold-plated chamber evenly distributes between 120C (250F) and 220C (430F) to your finely ground herbs. LED lighting indicates how the battery is doing: orange at 30% to 60%, green when the battery carries a 60% to 80% charge, and red at less than 30%.

You can’t take the battery out but this allows you to plug your “inhaler” into a USB charger without the fuss of removing a battery. Charging could take up to 3 hours but you get around 30 puffs per charge.

Buy: http://vapeworld.com


Davinci AscentDavinci Ascent (Loose Leaf)

This is one of the most stylish, customizable vaporizers on the market. Customers can adapt it to their liking for a little extra money so that every part of its frame is personalized. Select from numerous patterns and colors (styles of granite, camouflage, weaving, and so on) and mix, match, or go crazy.

The Ascent draws comparisons with cell phones most of the time if anything. It is small enough to fool the untrained eye, but its shape is a little odd. On the top you notice a dip from which a glass mouthpiece rises. It is also kind of thick for a cell phone, but that means there is lots of room for herbs.

For vapor to taste clean, it has to pass through a sealed pathway made from a neutral material. Glass is the best choice and that is what Davinci uses for their Ascent. The entire route is glass-lined and sealed off so that no other fumes can be drawn in from internal portions of the Ascent. Using a water tool cools down vapor on its way to your lips for smoother, tastier flavor.

The front piece features a screen showing how hot your vapor has become, plus a battery-symbol indicating its approximate charge value. Most screens are wide and short; this one is long and narrow. The rechargeable Davinci Ascent operates for over three hours per charge.

One of the most interesting features of the Ascent is its rotating bottom portion where a vent and the filling chamber are located. Swivel out this piece so as to fill the chamber with herbs, empty out the last fill, or to clean your compartment so vapor always tastes great.

Buy: http://davincivaporizer.com


PaxThe Pax (Loose Leaf)

Out of the devices on this page this is perhaps the best-known and most popular.

Makers of The Pax did not choose a cell-phone, inhaler, or walkie-talkie shape. They actually stuck with a long, narrow piece that resembles an inhaler chamber, but most people view it simply as the shape of The Pax.

Alter the temperature or read your battery power. If you want to see battery charge, you shake the Pax which changes LED color codes.

Shake it again for temperature. This completely portable unit is one of the easiest to use and boasts some of the cleanest-tasting vapor on the market.

Buy: http://vapeworld.com


The Price Range

Out of the items above, the Puffit-X is your cheapest option at around $150. If you can get it on sale somewhere this is excellent value, but $150 is a fair price considering what an Ascent costs: about $250 for the regular style. Add around $50 for customization. If it weren’t for this one little feature of the Ascent, it would cost roughly the same as The PAX.


What are Vaporizers?

Just about everything has water in it, including tobacco and other leaves. Herbal vaporizers will extract the moisture from these leaves until they release water vapor which you can inhale.

Another version of a nicotine vaporizer is an electronic cigarette. In this case, vapor is being created from nicotine liquid. This mixture contains propylene glycol and/or vegetable glycerin, flavoring to simulate tobacco, menthol cigarettes, foods, or drinks, and nicotine.

In both cases, there are nicotine-free alternatives, but customers drawn to them both are often ex-smokers or people trying to kick the smoking habit.

For Nicotine

You might say the perfect portable source of nicotine is a cigarette. There isn’t anything smaller and it just needs a lighter to get it started. There are no chargers to think about.

The trouble is cigarettes are deadly to smokers and second-hand smokers. The places you can use them are so limited you’ll spend more time looking for a legal place to light up than you will spend puffing.

Plus, you smell terrible if you smoke. The answer to cigarettes is almost as easy, and definitely cheaper: portable nicotine vaporizers.

How Do Portable Nicotine Vaporizers Heat Herbs?

First, you have to prepare your herbs, usually by grinding them. A few brands of vaporizers will accept herbs that have not been ground, but they are bigger models; not portable devices.

Inside the vaporizer, there is a heating chamber made from ceramic or metal typically. You push the herbs in without packing them in too tightly.

One side is covered with a mesh screen to prevent the user from sucking herbs right into his lungs. The chamber obtains power from a battery or another fuel source, such as butane. Iolite vaporizers use butane. Magic-Flight and Davinci, etc. get their power from rechargeable batteries.

Devices can be heated to as much as 430F which is enough to release vapor but not hot enough to cause combustion. If a device were to become too hot, the herbs would be set alight and then you would be smoking again.

How Does an Electronic Cigarette Vaporize E-liquid?

E-liquid in an electronic cigarette is contained in a tank or cartridge. This is heated using an atomizer which obtains power from a battery. There are rechargeable kits and disposable vaporizers available.

The vapor reaches your lips through a small hole. This creates resistance and also prevents you from sucking on e-liquid: a nasty experience.

Vaporizer Controls

Usually an herbal device is controlled using buttons which you press to set a desired temperature, though there is the option of a digital handheld vaporizer. Some show you that they have reached your chosen heat value on the digital screen. Others use light to indicate the temperature you are at.

Vaping pens for e-liquid are controlled by puffing on them (in the case of automatic e-cig pens) or by pressing a button (as with manual mini cig batteries, eGo e-cigs, and advanced personal vaporizers). You can change the resistance of some atomizers and also the voltage output produced by variable voltage, advanced units.

Models of Portable Nicotine Vaporizers

As mentioned above, Iolite, Davinci, and Magic-Flight are three models of portable herbal vaporizers that can be used with tobacco leaves. Other handheld portable vaporizers include the Vapir NO2, PAX by Ploom, and Puffit-X.

  • The last one resembles a medical inhaler for individuals who suffer from asthma.
  • A PAX could be mistaken for a chamber to be used with your puffer, but they were not created to be used together.
  • A Vapir NO2 will remind you of a strange high-rise building in black, but the other two come in several colors.

Other portable puffers resemble personal items typically found in purses and bags.

Electronic cigarette manufacturers producing cigalike pens are Smokeless Image, Eversmoke, Metro, V2 Cigs, Green Smoke, and White Cloud. To obtain an advanced model, look to Vapor Zone, Volcano, Halo, or go to a retailer selling Joyetech, Smoktech, Innokin, and others.

What Will You Pay for a Nicotine Vaporizer?

The price of a vaporizer depends on the technology contained therein. Electronic cigarettes are also coming down in price steadily owing to demand for them.

Mass manufacturing allows many models to be produced cheaply, although boutique models are expensive and exclusive, like Madz Modz and Atmistique. Still, a disposable e-cig for vaping tobacco or menthol-flavored e-liquid costs anything from $4 to $10.

An entire rechargeable mini cig without chargers is hard to find, but eGo devices from generic retailers often carry them and the price of all parts that make up a vaporizing pen comes to around $12 to $15 without liquid or chargers.

Vaporizers have a lot more work to do when they are releasing vapor from solids. Portable herbal nicotine vaporizers cost anything from just under $100 to $240.

High quality products are more expensive than electronic cigarettes because the heating chamber is made with ceramic or stainless steel and the pathway to a mouthpiece (and the mouthpiece) are often made of glass.

Applying plastic to the purpose of vaporizing herbs at 400F is unwise. It creates a smell which taints the vapor. Parts and materials are more expensive, and there is another issue: competition. Vaporizers for herbs and essential oils just don’t face as much of it as e-cigs do, which means manufacturers can charge more.

Obtaining Herbs and Liquids

To buy herbs that become nicotine vapor, you can try all-purpose vaporizer supply shops where they carry portable and corded devices plus parts and accessories. Some of them specialize in selling herbs, a few carry oils, and certain companies carry both.

To obtain nicotine e-liquid, create a specific search phrase or you will be hit by a wall of e-liquid companies. Try asking for American-made juices. Explore organic or all-vegetable glycerin e-liquids (or propylene glycol-dominant styles if that’s your preference). Ask for bottles of a certain size: 5mls, 10mls, 30mls, or more. Customizable juices are also available.

Although they are designed in a way that makes them the natural answer to smoking, many people vape without nicotine. Most products come in nicotine-free formats or are naturally free of nicotine.