Alien Visions

Do not fear an alien abduction: Alien Visions only sells e liquid and e cigarettes. They formed in 2009 when the owners were not overjoyed with the selection of vapor juices out there. Those were the early days when selection was poor; of course, they weren’t happy. Alien Visions sells EVO liquids and Alien Visions liquids made in the United States.

Some Vaping Devices

Atomizing devices, adapters, starter kits, and menthol drops all make their way onto the product list, which is not huge but good enough. The menthol drops can be added to regular e liquid rather than having a selection of juice customized. An 18ml bottle is priced $6.00.

Drip tips are the basic $2.40 Delrin style tips in loads of colors. For this price, you can stock up and alternate every day for two weeks.

Their starter kits include a Mystic Box, which is indeed a mystery. It contains 2 blank cartos, an atomizer, a manual battery, and a charging case for just $18. This price makes me really suspicious because that is very, very low. Not much is written about the kit, so I guess consumers are encouraged to drop $18 (which is nothing when it comes to vaping equipment) and find out why the kit is so cheap. If it is useless, they didn’t spend their rent.

Sampling Alien Visions Flavors

The Premium Collection contains 4 varieties: Bees Knees (flue cured with honey), Dreamberries (strawberry cream), Irish Cream, and Christie’s Cappuccino. For Sweets they have 21 sorts. English Toffee, Blueberry Cheesecake, and Hype (peach plus melon) are three of them. In the 8-strong tobacco section are Havana Gold and Gamel: a Turkish American blend.

Premium flavors cost $6 for 6mls. $4 gets you 6mls of the others. Bottle sizes range up to 100mls, so you can vape alone or have a party.

How do Consumers Feel about Alien Visions?

There has been some buzz about Boba’s County and Gorilla Juice. The 555 tobacco from Alien Visions has also been popular. This Alien Visions review has shown that there is variety and good pricing in their selection, but a lot of the flavors are simply not good enough. Some vapers have been downright upset to find that some juice is tasteless and some others sickening.

Alien Visions fans are fans for a reason. There’s no accounting for these oddly dichotomous views, except that maybe someone had a bad batch, let juice steep too long, didn’t steep it enough, or who knows what.

Not Forgetting EVO Liquid

A ten milliliter bottle of EVOD e liquid could contain apricots, sweet tobacco, Crimson Leaf tobacco, Timber (mild with hazelnut), or a tobacco with sweet maraschino cherry notes. There is also Iced Banana Mint: not sure about mint and banana. At $4.55 for 10mls a taste is reasonably priced.