South Beach Smoke

A nice quality e-cigs brand, South Beach Smoke offers a wide range of e-cigs and related products. South Beach Smoke’s electronic cigarettes are a standard 2-piece product that come with a cartridge and a rechargeable battery.

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Their electronic cigarettes are produced by the well known International Vapor Group – one of the best e-cig companies in the world, who also has another fantastic brand to fill all your advanced vaporizer and specialized e-liquid needs: Vapor Zone.

South Beach e-cigs are perfect for someone just getting into e-smoking who’s looking for something that resembles a real cigarette, or someone already experienced looking for a nice solid top quality product.

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South Beach Smoke Electronic Cigarette

South Beach Smoke’s e-cigs come equipped with lithium ion batteries and are some of the longest lasting e-cigs of this category.

South Beach Smoke Starter Kits

South Beach Smoke offers starter kits and disposable e-cigarettes. The starter kits come with adapters, chargers, flavor cartridges and you can get a kit with additional accessories depending on your preference.

Moreover, users can decide the flavors and nicotine strengths of their cartridges as well. On the other hand, disposables are a nice simple way to try them out with zero maintenance. They don’t have to be charged or refueled and therefore are entirely hassle free.

Deluxe Starter Kit- $59.99

South Beach Smoke Deluxe Starter KitThe Deluxe Starter kit offers:

  • 2 SuperMax batteries (standard and high capacity)
  • 2 chargers (USB and wall)
  • 10 nicotine cartridges

Deluxe Plus Starter Kit- $89.99

South Beach Smoke Deluxe Plus Starter KitThe Deluxe Plus Starter kit offers:

  • 2 SuperMax batteries (standard and high capacity)
  • 2 chargers (portable wall charger and USB)
  • 1 adapter
  • Carrying case
  • Power cig
  • 10 nicotine cartridges

Deluxe Ultimate Starter Kit- $159.99

South Beach Smoke Deluxe Ultimate Starter KitThe Deluxe Ultimate Starter Kit offers:

  • 3 SuperMax batteries (standard, manual and automatic high capacity)
  • 1 power cig
  • 1 charging case
  • 2 chargers (USB and wall)
  • 1 carrying case
  • 1 car adapter for USB charger
  • 20 nicotine cartridges
  • 1 lanyard

Deluxe Couples Kit Combo- $109.99

South Beach Smoke Deluxe Couples Kit ComboDeluxe Couples Kit Combo is for couples. The kit offers:

  • 4 Supermax batteries (2 high capacity, 2 standard)
  • 2 portable wall chargers
  • 20 nicotine cartridges
  • 4 chargers (2 portable wall chargers and 2 deluxe USB chargers)
  • 2 car adapters

Reusable Express Kit- $21.99

South Beach Smoke Reusable Express KitThe Reusable Express Kit offers:

  • 1 SuperMax battery
  • 2 nicotine cartridges
  • 1 USB charger

Users can enjoy the e-cigs in their choice of nicotine strength and flavors. The company offers many different tobacco flavors including tobacco classic, blue and gold, as well as sweet flavors such as vanilla, cherry, peach and Pina Colada.

Moreover, you can also get your cartridges in menthol and peppermint flavors. All the cartridges are available in 5 different nicotine variations including 24 MG bold, 16 MG full flavored, 12 MG light, 6 MG ultra light and 0 MG.

South Beach Smoke Disposable E CigsDisposable Cigarettes

South Beach Smoke offers Disposable Cigarettes that come in three different packs; the 4 pack, priced at $39.99, 8 pack, priced at $74.99 and 12 pack, priced at $99.99.

Disposable e-cigs are a great choice for those who are on the go a lot as they facilitate ease and in my opinion, the disposable e-cigs are a must have along with a starter kit because you can carry them anywhere without worrying they aren’t charged or any other issues.


South Beach Smoke offers 30 day money back guarantee on its products as well as lifetime replacement warranty that users can avail if they enroll in the company’s Home Delivery Program. There are many perks of the home delivery program, particularly some serious money savings on cartridges over time.

With the home delivery program though, you can save money on your e-cig purchases as it offers special sales, discounts and will enjoy 20 percent off cartridges. Moreover, you will also get your cartridges delivered monthly as the company makes sure that you don’t run out of them.

South Beach Smoke AccessoriesAccessories

You can also get pretty cool accessories at South Beach Smoke to further improve your electronic smoking experience. Accessories such as charger packs, flavor cartridges, power cigs, lanyards and many others are available for separate purchase at South Beach Smoke.

How To Buy South Beach Smoke

South Beach Smoke is available for people over 18 years of age. In order to buy the company’s products, users have to visit its official website:

The company ships both domestically and internationally. On domestic orders across America, South Beach Smoke offers free shipping on orders that are above $100.

South Beach Smoke


They have since revised their products, as they are always improving, though this is what the last gen Deluxe Kit looks like:
South Beach Deluxe Kit

South Beach Smoke Discount