Red Dragon

Red Dragon is starting to enter the e cig scene in a big way and it is really hard to formulate an opinion about them. If I were a new vaper trying to choose between companies, I would love the prices but wonder about quality. Ambivalent reviews would leave me wondering if Red Dragon is good to start with but quickly runs out of fire power.

buyreddragon.comRed Dragon E Cig Review

Their products really do seem to start strong, providing good vapor for a small e cig, though nothing like a Joye 510. The flavors, while mild, are also not chemical, so this is your trade-off. They make relatively authentic tasting tobacco in several styles plus cherry, menthol, and vanilla cartridges.

Users find they have to draw really hard to get a throat hit, but the cut-off time is too short to really manage that most of the time. In fact, the cut-off is only a few seconds according to some people: much less than usual.

You should get about 100 puffs per cartridge and the battery will last a little less than the cartridge. Right now, Red Dragon is selling products at a substantial discount, but even without their sale, prices are excellent.

A Blue Diamond mini e cig starter kit sold on their site is usually priced from $19.95 upwards for a battery, USB, and two cartridges. Red Dragon’s own starter is priced $29.95 for a two-battery set with 4 cartridges and two chargers. A set of four cartridges is below normal but so is the price by far.

Red Dragon also sells other variations on their starter kit such as a set with just the rechargeable battery and one cartridge, two cartridges and a USB plus one battery, and a pass-through kit. When in doubt, there is always the disposable route.

Certainly, Red Dragon scores well for creating e cigs to look like analog cigs. The colors and size are just right.