If you like equipment that is exciting to look at, Smoktech has the products you want. This Smoktech review will consider a few of their many models, discussing features and price.

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Anodized SID

Although its name sounds like something from outer space, consumers all over the world are enjoying this APV which is compatible with many eGo and 510 products. This makes it especially good value because you cannot always find the same model when you need one.

The SID features a control button which turns 360°, short circuit protection, protects against over-discharge, and also prevents damage caused by a reverse battery. Customers will find these products (in bright metallic colors, just black, or silver) for between $40 and $50 each.

Smoktech Magneto

In the X-Men movies, Magneto is the bad guy. In vaping land, Magneto is a definite superhero: innovative and as stunning as a bullet. The brass Magneto is especially beautiful, but the most important aspect of this machine (and the reason for its name) is the magnetic button. It replaces spring-loaded buttons to last longer.

The Magneto is telescopic, has two vent holes, and works with many 510 devices. You can snatch one up for around $50 online, but expect to pay closer to $60 retail without tanks or batteries.

Users are happy with it. They say that, for the price it is a good model but could take some getting used to.


What you will really like about the Smoktech ZMAX is, again, compatibility. It works with flat and button top batteries. Almost any 510 tank will screw onto it and sit like it was made for the device, or thereabouts, which is pretty impressive. It has to be for anything from $90 and up, and that is a discount price.


Smoktech gets high points for allowing consumers to add their own tanks and multiple sorts of batteries. You still have to be careful because some items are truly incompatible, but that list seems relatively small. Smoktech does not always get the 5-star rating you are looking for, but it is an innovative line constantly moving towards the ideal AVP.