Apollo Ecigs

Apollo ecigs is easily one of the most versatile electronic cigarette brands today. It stands tall against top brands like V2, Vapor Couture and Bull Smoke. The brand specializes in high tech batteries which are capable of producing dense cloud of vapor that will instantly give you the pleasure you need.

Starter Kits

Apollo Ecigs come in a variety of different starter kits. But there are only few which are considered best for the value of money you pay.

Our recommendation goes with their Standard Starter Kit which includes:

  • 2 RN4081 batteries (1x manual 1x automatic)
  • 1 disposable ecig
  • Pack of 5x cartomizers (choice of your favorite flavors and nicotine strength)
  • USB Charger
  • Wall Charger
  • Portable Carrying Case/Charger
  • Manual

The standard starter kit includes everything you need to start vaping the ecig right out of the box. We love the fact that Apollo has thrown in a portable carrying case that is also a charger on the go. Most e-cigarette brands sell a portable charger separately. Also the fact that you get two batteries and a single disposable ecig is just too good to ignore.

This was the standard kit we received from Apollo which didn’t come with a disposable at the time:

Apollo Cigs Starter Kit


Standard Apollo Ecig batteries are based on a little older model of the modern electronic cigarette battery. However, the customized RN4081 batteries are still pretty decent when it comes to vapor and taste performance. The batteries are capable of giving you 400 puffs before they require charging and they are powerful enough to generate enough heat for a very dense vapor.

They do carry some eGo-style batteries. We decided to try out their EVOD. This thing produces a serious amount of vapor! As a side note, be sure to get on their list, they do some crazy deals, like half off etc, which is what we did. We got the Holiday EVOD pictured here for just $15(normally $29.95), that’s a sweet price!

Apollo EVOD


Apollo ecigs definitely feels and acts like a premium ecig brand. If you are tired of trying out brands that never give you the performance you deserve from the money spent, you won’t be disappointed with Apollo ecigs. Get your starter kit today risk free with 30 day money back guarantee.