My Vapor Store


My Vapor Store is an ecig store dedicated to ecig users through and through. This is a super store which carries almost everything related to ecigs. We tried buying off varying things of the store to see their service and commitment to the customers. Here is what we found out.

My Vapor Store has a huge line of products just waiting to be bought by ecig enthusiasts. It doesn’t carry mainstream brands you will usually find on the internet. Instead, it deals in APVs and their accessories. This means that if you are an advanced ecig user, you can probably find enough gear to customize your ecig however you want to. Even if you are not the kind that spends time customizing ecigs, you can find premade starter kits of APVs by SmokeTech, JoyeTech and many other brands. For some the list may be quite low on variety but you will at least find all the top notch and popular stuff here.

MVS has many categories on its website. You can choose from starter kits, ecig components like atomizers, cleanomizers, cartomizers, drip tips and flavors. Most of the flavors available on the store are in the form of bottle refills which are best if you want to use drip tips to fill liquid while you smoke your ecig. There is even a category for different tanks available if you really want to go to the core bits of your ecig.

Being a super store, My Vapor Store is a bit low on products being showcased. But we like the fact that the prices are well below other super stores and their delivery service is also top notch. We got what we ordered in one piece and on time. This is something that most stores lack so we give it a high recommendation.