Apparently, “boge” is a colloquial term for smoking, which is ironic because Boge electronic cigarette company wants people to quit smoking. Instead, they would love to see all smokers switch to vaping, particularly if those customers choose products from their Chinese company to do it.

Boge Review

Boge is a familiar and reliable brand, especially when it comes to tanks. Many vapers have seen their tanks shaped like maracas with handles and drums. The outer part is punched in a pattern, while the tube and atomizer within glint through the slots as though the item was studded with gems.

It is a beautiful design featuring a glass tank, which automatically makes it a winner for many vapers. Glass tends not to affect the flavor of some juices the way polycarbonate will. Also, most juices can safely be used in a glass tank even if they are unsafe with a plastic one.

Boge also makes a Cowboy Electronic Cigar, Mack H20 e cig and clearomizer, and several other e cigs like the BG15, 20, and 06. The H20 resembles a felt pen with a clear cap, which is actually the tank. Their E-Shisha, built to resemble a hookah vase, is topped by an apple-shaped tank.

Assorted colors are available when you purchase Boge 510 cartomizers. Their site shows products in full color under professional lighting so you can really see what you are getting. Boge is an affordable name in vaping.

Buying Boge

Generally, consumers do not buy directly from Boge unless they are buying wholesale shipments. They go to electronic cigarette retailers (kiosks, stores, and online) where Boge is carried alongside several other products made in China. The name is popular enough that at least tanks should be in stock.

You could also ask about their discrete, slick H20 or the 8085 mini cig. This one only features a 75mAh battery but is extremely small and features a screwless connection. You should get about 100 puffs per battery and slightly more out of the cartomizer. A starter kit for the mini cig comes with two batteries and 6 cartomizers plus a USB, or just one battery and 3 cartomizers with a USB charger in the blister pack.

Company Connections

Boge does not make e-liquid. Dekang, however, is a brother company located in the same city.