When you visit wholesalers which carry several brands of e-cigarettes and accessories, only a few names come up regularly. One of them is Joyetech. This brand of electronic vaping stick is constantly featured by firms which carry what they consider the best products. That sounds like a Joyetech review in and of itself.

Joyetech Products

There are more than 10 Joyetech models and the company continues to develop and improve their electronic devices. These are tank systems, not the usual e-cig with its two part set-up. Some can be swapped around, so you are putting the power center with a different mouth piece or atomizer. This is only true for certain models, but advanced vapers know the score.

The Joyetech line is built around the premise that e-cigs can get better and better. Their latest changeable atomizer is created to reduce problems with leaking.

Tar-free Technology

Joyetech features a smart chip which records your vaping data. With regular e-cigs this would be a fruitless addition, but in the world of APV systems it reduces the hassle of having to pre-set your battery output to a preferred voltage. Your power setting determines the temperature an atomizer heats e-juice to, creating the vapor production, throat hit, and flavor you like best.

Tanks go one step further with software to track your vaping record. This makes an eVic (the intelligent model noted above) compatible with your desktop PC, not just to satisfy your curiosity but also to provide advice and technical data.

Being tanks, battery power is known for its longer life and greater power, generally. Create a lot of vapor to last a long time, justifying the larger e-juice capacity of your tank.

Down to Business

At the Joyetech website you will find a shiny, futuristic class of goods. Immediately, you feel as if you are part of the future of electronic smoking. The closest thing to a regular e-stick is the eRoll. It looks like a ballpoint pen in black, white, or silver. This slim device comes apart into several pieces, however: atomizer cone, atomizer head, cartridge, and battery. The kit is small enough to put in the back pocket of your skinny jeans, resembles a cell phone, and is attractive enough to qualify as a fashion accessory.

Pricing includes the warranty, so Joyetech warns customers: always look for a serial number to verify the authenticity of your Joyetech product. If you order low-cost goods and they are called by the same name, they might not be the real deal. Pretenders do not qualify for warranty.