Kick-Ash Vapes

Niagara Falls, Ontario, has one more thing going for it to add to the many other reasons to visit: Kick-Ash Vapes. This store is great for the new vaper who isn’t sure what to order the first time he buys an e-cig. It’s also great for any vaper, regardless of his or her level.

KickAshVapes.comStarter Kits for Newbies

This Kick-Ash Vapes review kicks off with a look at the section titled “For the New Vaper.” The selection online contains a Smoov Ultimate Kit for $79.99, Aspire ET BDC Clearomizer for $9.99, an Evod Clearo costing $8.99, and several juices.

Why would an e-cig company list clearomizers and juices for new vapers? The simple fact is that clearos are easy to use: they screw onto a battery without fuss or muss and are easy to fill. Tanks are not as easy to use and are for the advanced user only.

More from Smoov

A Smoov, 650mAh pass-through eGo battery costs $34.99. Pay $39.99 for the Smoov Rev 1300mAh or $5 less for the 650mAh version. This little company turns up time and again along with some of the bigger players.

Advancing with Vaping

Kayfun glass Nano tanks (with a chimney) by Science of Vaping are priced $50. Pick up the Aqua Atomizer by Footoon/UVO system for $195. A Geobukseon Turtle Ship V2 by RJ Mods costs $185. Innokin, Joyetech, and Vicious Ant also contribute to the lineup.

An Aga-S costs $22.99 and pay $29.99 for the Aga-T2.

At an advanced price, ask for the 24k edition gold-plated Cyclone RDA by Vicious Ant, an advanced device (rebuildable dripping atomizer). The website is sensibly laid out so you know how to find everything. Also, if you want something and order it online, you can opt to pick it up at the store when you are passing through.

E-Liquid by the Best, Both Sides of the Border

Select from A-list e-liquids such as Steam Factory, Funky Vapes, Villian Vapors, and Blue Print. From the Canadian side of the border, Kick-Ash Vapes carries Maple Leaf Vapes and Toronto Juice Co. You are getting top-quality juices, so expect to pay more for them than average.

Something Special from Kick-Ash Vapes

Has any other store ever offered up-front to Skype with customers? Kick-Ash takes the initiative, offering clients and would-be customers this opportunity to speak face to face. If this is daunting, talk to them over the telephone. The store is open Tuesday to Sunday.

This affects when orders are shipped, but they aim to ship things quickly. The team here really is very approachable and eager to help you make your way in the vaping world. This is sure to win many customers.