How to Improve Quality of Vapor Production

By Kirk Freeman

Electronic cigarettes are smoking cessation devices that are powered by a battery. Unlike a traditional cigarette, an electronic cigarette does not produce smoke instead it only produces water vapors. This is the reason why most people use these devices in public places such as restaurants and cafes. Most electronic cigarettes have 3 main components which ensure its smooth function. The lithium ore battery provides power to the atomizer and the atomizer sucks e-liquid from the refill cartridge. It can be said that the atomizer is one of the most important components of an electronic cigarette as it is in charge for producing vapors. Meanwhile, it is not rare for an atomizer to malfunction or for your device not to produce sufficient vapors.

There are various ways in which you can enhance your device’s vapor producing capabilities, which I’ve outlined below.

1. Detach the atomizer from the cartridge and the battery. Look closely you will notice that there are tiny holes on the body of the atomizer. Apply tape around these holes in order to cover them. Once all holes have been covered, take a thumb pin and poke a tiny hole. These holes are also called air holes and they suck air inside the atomizer when a user takes a drag. By covering these holes and leaving one open, you will be required to apply less force while taking a drag. Hence, with less force more vapors will be produced.

2. Clean the atomizer. You can clean the atomizer by placing it inside an alcohol based solution for nearly 15-20 minutes. Let it dry overnight and then attach it back with the battery.

3. Change the refill cartridge. If liquid nicotine inside the cartridge drops to a low level, then your device won’t generate sufficient vapors.

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