The Evolution Of Electronic Vaporizers

By Kirk Freeman

Vaporizing substances for their aroma, psychedelic properties, or for social purposes has been a part of human civilization since people first used fire. Vapor and combusted herbs have brought people together. Vaporized aromatherapy machines have been brought into domestic sick rooms to alleviate chest congestion and colds as a way to avoid over-the-counter drugs.

The biggest changes have happened rapidly and apply to the electronic vaporizer market. Consumers are learning that vapor can replace smoke; that battery-powered devices can remove most of the toxins associated with smoking and the diseases caused by smoke.

Electronic Evolution

While heating materials to create vapor once relied on fire and some combustion or butane devices are still offered, vaporization using a battery or mains power dominates the industry. Electricity has facilitated plenty of innovation, giving rise to ideas and developments. The industry got its start in western Canada and Europe. Americans have caught on, with numerous devices developed and sometimes manufactured in the United States.

Big and Bulky

Once electricity was channeled to these purposes, the first big vaporizers came into being. They had to sit on a table and relied on power from a wall socket. Storz & Bickel of Volcano fame was among the first to create a reliable and efficient balloon vaporizer for individuals needing or wanting the benefit of assisted vapor delivery. Their unit was quickly followed by cheaper versions like the Silver Surfer, Da Buddha, Arizer Extreme Q, and more. Engineers have tweaked their products, changing analog (dial) controls to more precise digital methods of altering temperature.


Consumers are learning to ask questions about materials used to heat and conduct vapor. They know that ceramics and glass are neutral, clean, and efficient, so high-end machines utilize these materials in the vapor pathway and heating chamber.

Box Mods

Even faster was the birth and development of box mods. These are literally boxes with a heating chamber in the middle and which plug into the wall. The box seems superfluous at first, but it permits proper ventilation and gives designers somewhere to put their analog dial or digital controls, a screen, logo, and cord.

Many of the cheap clones being created today and sold for $20 or used by the consumers who made them are box mods. They are easy to fabricate from wood and it is also common for such products to cause injury and damage owing to the imperfect application of wiring principles demonstrated by amateurs.

Portable Vaporizers

Computers were once the size of an entire room. They were too large for the general public to own or afford and too technical for lay people to understand. Vaporizers are like that: they began as heavy tabletop devices that cost $400 or more and have since shrunk to become portable, battery-operated products.

Top-class technology is still expensive and you find that putting small parts into an excellent product isn’t cheap for the consumer. There is also the issue of mark-up which plagues this industry. Take a vaporizer apart and you see how much a company must be making when they sell it to you for $250. Plenty of handheld, battery-operated devices are priced $150 to $250.

After shrinking vaporizers to palm-size, companies also developed novel presentation methods so their machines resembled everyday items: lipsticks, inhalers, inhaler extension chambers, and cell phones. One would have to get fairly close to recognize one of these products for what it is.

Some of the best mods in this category have been the Firefly, DaVinci, and Pax, but Puffit is responsible for a decent inhaler-vape costing around $100. Customers are able to adjust the temperature of a handheld device in this class.

The Pen Vape

This is as small as vaping can really get and smaller than perhaps it should. While pen vapes are inexpensive, light, and stealthy, they are also inefficient, prone to burning herbs, and herbs require constant refilling. Herbs are more efficiently vaporized in larger handheld models or plug-in devices.

Atomizer coils made from sub-standard metals and alloys wear out quickly and require replacement at regular intervals. New atomizers made from titanium alloys last longer and heat more efficiently.

Waxes and e liquids can be efficiently turned to vapor in a pen mod without burning or constant refilling. The only way to adjust the temperature is by holding and pressing a single button. To avoid overheating, one must release the button at the right time, yet hold it long enough to produce thick and tasty vapor. They are tricky to use in this sense, but also simple for new vapers to operate.



Large vaping devices take up to 2 minutes to heat up. They become faster at the mid-level. Pen vapes heat up almost instantly: in 5 to 15 seconds. Their vapor thickness is variable and battery life is also variable.

Engineers continue to adjust fan mechanisms owing to complaints about noise. A fan facilitates assisted inhalation and convection heating. New fan-assisted mods are quiet at low speed and bearable at high speed.

Conduction, Convection, and Delivery

Another advantage of plug-in products is that they usually heat herbs, concentrates, or oil using convection. Materials are properly and fully heated. There are also more delivery options, sometimes using a single device. These are the balloon method, direct draw, and ground glass for hands-free delivery. A balloon attaches to the vaporizer, fills with vapor, and users put their mouths to the hole to inhale vapor without drawing.

Reuters: E-Cigs Assist in Quitting Smoking

By Kirk Freeman

A newly published Reuters article is great news for electronic cigarette maker’s.

The article talks about how e-cig users have a “60%” greater chance of remaining off of tobacco products when compared to nicotine products like patches or gum, or just willpower, scientists said on Tuesday.


This is great news for the brands out there making these products, who are looking for that push to really keep e-cigs around and stave off FDA reports that they are NOT smoking cessation products.

The report also talks about how tobacco products contribute to cancer as well as chronic respiratory diseases, in addition to cardiovascular diseases, which happens to be the leading cause of death in the WORLD.

Here are some excerpts from the article:

“E-cigarettes could substantially improve public health because of their widespread appeal and the huge health gains associated with stopping smoking,” said Robert West of University College London’s epidemiology and public health department, who led the study.

Mainly funded by the charity Cancer Research UK and published in the journal Addiction, West’s study surveyed 5,863 smokers between 2009 and 2014 who had tried to quit without using prescription medicines or professional help.

Results were factored in for a range of capacities that could have an impact of the success of quitting, according to West.  Age, dependence on nicotine, and prior trials to quit smoking, as well as if giving up the product was over time, or on a whim.

20% of attempted quitters attempted so with the help of e-cigs, and noted that they stopped using traditional cigs.  (That’s a powerful testament to quality brands out there offering coupons to save money like Vaporzone.)

When you compare this information to the 10.1% of people using OTC aids like NRT patches or even gum, it’s really a testament.   It’s worth noting that those using will power alone had a 15.4% success rate.

Obviously, e-cigs contain nicotine (unless you buy one with 0 mg) which is a stimulant and highly addictive.  It delivers the element in water vapor instead of burning tobacco.

As e-cigs are highly controversial, they are highlighted at every step and turn. You can count on me to keep you posted on e-cigarette news and research at



Starter Kits: The Perfect Gift for Smokers!

By Kirk Freeman

Most of us are tired of our family members smoking habits, not that they haven’t tried to quit but this requires a lot of will power. However, you can ease it for them by gifting them an electronic cigarette kit along with all its accessories. It is the best substitute for a regular cigarette that pushes smokers into a healthy lifestyle without making them crave for nicotine. It is very disturbing indeed to see your loved ones consuming more than four thousand damaging substances, which eventually lead to lung cancer, with every single cigarette.

With the success of electronic cigarettes, many different companies have launched their ranges; mini DSE901 being the most popular till now. Every basic e-cigarette kit contains a stylish cigarette device, replaceable cartridges, USB charger and a fashionable carry case. It is very important not only to choose a good quality e-cigarette but also to pick the best accessories. And to keep the smokers hooked to this new fascinating piece of technology, it is equally essential to keep an extra wall charger or a USB one in their office, car or another home.

A high quality wall charger is available for a low price of $20. USB chargers are greater help in this regard; they are more portable and can be plugged and used whenever and wherever needed. An extra USB charger can be purchased for a price even less than $18. Both these chargers can be plugged in the switch or laptop/desktop ports from one end and the other end goes into e-cigarette’s battery. All e-cigarette kits come with a carry pack that makes keeping all the accessories in one place extremely easy and convenient. The best part of e-cigarettes is the fact that since they do not damage human body, they can be enjoyed anywhere; even the no smoking zones.

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Electronic Cigarette Accessories

By Kirk Freeman

What are some basic and advanced e cigarette accessories? 

Many starters kit come with some accessories like a car charger and wall charger and everyone knows what they are but many are not still familiar with the USB passthrough and the PCC.

Using a “USB Passthrough? 

A USB passthrough is a charging device which is used instead of a battery, like many USB chargers it also has a wire which connects to the USB port, there are manual USB passthroughs and automatic passthroughs, and also there are passthroughs which do not use inline batteries and there are passthroughs which do use them.

The battery powered passthrough devices are the ones which use inline batteries, the atomizers is supplied with power through the battery and the battery charges continuously while being connected to the USB device’s power source. This gives the user a fully charged battery and the experience is similar to that of using a PV with a completely charged battery.

Some USB Passthorughs which use a line to the USB provide more power and voltage when compared with a standard e cig battery, This makes the atomizer hotter but the device will produce more vapors and will give you a ” zip”, but make sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions as not al passthroughs will perform correspondingly and may vary in voltage and overall vaping experience

“PCC” what is it? 

It’s a charging case “personal charging case” that is handy and portable, you can carry it around anywhere, usually it’s shaped like a cigarette packet and can hold a couple of atomizers and one battery, the PCC has a battery that can be charged via a wall plug or a USB port, you can actually charge your ecig at least four times before charging your PCC, it is a great product to have with you.  The best PCC is the one made by V2 electronic cigarettes, in my opinion.

How to Clean Your Electronic Cigarette

By Kirk Freeman

E-Health cigarettes are one of its kind types of electronic devices that aid people in giving up smoking. These devices are widely available online in most parts of the world including Europe, America, Middle East and Central Asia. Electronic cigarettes come in various shapes and sizes. An electronic cigarette is powered by a rechargeable battery. The atomizer is one of the most important components of an electronic cigarette as it creates vapors when a user inhales a drag. Research has revealed that unlike regular cigarettes, electronic cigarettes do not contain dangerous chemicals.

The only common chemical between an electronic cigarette and regular cigarette is nicotine. However, nicotine in electronic cigarettes is in form of liquid. The battery life of an electronic cigarette is directly proportional to its maintenance. Hence, it is extremely important to clean your device frequently. The following are some tips to clean your device and ensure its smooth function.

1. As the battery is connected with the atomizer, area between these two components can attract dust. In other words, dust and particles can stick onto the connection points between the atomizer and battery. Use a lint free cloth to remove any dust and particles that might stick on this area. Make sure not to use water or any other type of liquid to clean this area.

2. In order to clean the atomizer, remove it from the battery and soak it into an alcohol based solution. Soak the atomizer for roughly 15 minutes and then take it out. Leave it to dry overnight on a clean cloth.

3. Always clean the mouth piece before using your device. The mouth piece is the part which you put in your mouth in order to take a puff. As this part is inserted in your mouth it must be cleaned to remove bacteria.

How to Buy a Personal Vaporizer

By Kirk Freeman

The electronic cigarette industry is filled will thousands of products, for an advance electronic cigarette user there is a lot of clutter, informed users find what they want, they try out new products and combinations of atomizers, e-liquids and dipping and dripping methods, their buying behavior is based on empirical evidence. Below is a guide on what key features to look for when buying a personal vaporizer.

What to look for?

Advanced electronic cigarettes, like the advanced personal vaporizer, have built in fans which increase vapor production; look for the ones which made from aluminum, which is a sign of a tough and reliable electronic cigarette, some products have a spring based center for the atomizer and has a drip well which can easily be connected to other different attachments.

Is safety important?

Safety features are not looked upon as often as they should be, with some products the atomizer can get really hot and can burn your lips so you need to choose a product which has a voltage regulators starting from .0.60 Ohms, voltage regulators are a great innovation and can give the user the desired result.

Is price a good indicator of an electronic cigarette?

Price is not necessarily a good indicator because the objective is to have the desired vaping experience, there are many products like the top vape pens which may go as high as 500bucks but they might not satisfy the user as he or she expected, look for a product which has the features and benefits that you want, some go for high vapor and high nicotine and do not have preferences with the kind of vaporizer, some people like the opposite, so your vaping experience and satisfaction is based on your own observation and experience.

So buy an e cigarette product which best suits your needs and always do research before buying a product.

Key Things To Look For When Buying E-Cigs

By Kirk Freeman

Electronic cigarette technology has come a far way, when buying an electronic cigarette you must look for the following features.

This post is designed to save you money with e-cigs, and help you become a smarter consumer.

Voltage and battery specifications, what to look for?

Your output voltage should be adjustable around .1vrms, this will produce a good result in your vaping experience, and also look for a product which has battery readout option, this particular option gives the user the option of fully utilizing the overall life of the electronic cigarette battery. Check the power efficiency on the product, a good product has more than 98% power efficiency and is compatible with imr batteries; this will give you many alternatives when buying accessories. Some products have chargers which are compatible with lithium ion 3.7volt configuration. Good products also have a standby mode where the battery consumption is less than .3ua.  One that comes to mind is this one:

A good product will have user storage setting, it is a great feature, safety features are also important, look for a product which has a lock mode, this will prevent accidental triggering and will save battery and you’re E-liquid. Short circuit protection is also a good feature and many products offer this benefit nowadays, with most products there is a 10-12 second safety timeout, i-e if you stop puffing your electronic cigarette for more than 10-12 seconds, it will automatically turn off, some electronic cigarettes even offer adjustable timeout options, you can set the timer for as high as 30-45 seconds depending on your mood. In the end it is all about the quality of smoke but one must agree that these benefits fo increase smoking pleasure and convenience.

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Technical E Cig Jargon

By Kirk Freeman

Most consumers of electronic cigarettes find it worth their while to know what certain terms mean because it helps them to operate the ecig better. Some of the terms have a very literal meaning and some can get quite technical but it simply adds to the knowledge of consumers to know what they mean and what they are used for.

Today, I made a post about some popular terms are listed below with appropriate explanations.  This will help you when you navigate through the various product reviews listed here.

Firstly there is the ‘510’ size. This is a size for components that is rather standard and applies to many or most models in the ecig industry. This standard size was initially brought out by an ecig company called JoyeE and later it was adopted by most ecig brands that started manufacturing components according to these specifications.

Secondly, ADV is a commonly used abbreviation for ‘all day vape’. This basically means that the e-liquid is very smooth and the vaper can easily smoke it all day without incurring any problems. Thirdly, there is ‘dry hit’ which means that no vapor came out of the device and that there was some problem with the functioning of the ecig. ‘Drip Tips’ are a minor component used in ecigs for dripping e-juice right into the atomizer without the tip ever having to be removed.  Of course, one big item to know about is the vaping tanks, where the actual liquid is housed.

Mod means any alteration made in the design of the electronic cigarette which might compromise or enhance its functions. Nic is a term used in ecig-related documentation and it is the short version of nicotine. Nicotine is the addictive chemical that is very important in the operation of an ecig. Coil stands for the heating part of an atomizer which is what makes the atomizer itself run properly and function properly. ‘Dry Burn’ is a process by which atomizers are cleaned effectively and it is a popular method for doing so.

The ‘Wick’ is that part of an ecig that exists solely to absorb the e-liquid when it is dripped into the device. Lastly, ‘throat hit’ is when you feel a pleasurable pressure at the bottom of your throat when you have just inhaled a mouthful of vapor from your ecig.

How to Monitor the Battery Life of an Electronic Cigarette

By Kirk Freeman

An electronic cigarette is a perfect device for those smokers who are trying to quit smoking. Launched in 2003, these devices have not only become a global health trend but have also become a fashion trend. Nowadays, you can see people using these devices in restaurants, clubs, bars and other public places. A lot of people also customize their device in order to make it look trendy and distinct.  Especially the vaporizing devices, like the Iolite vaporizer.

Unlike regular cigarettes, which are only linked to deadly diseases, the best electronic cigarettes offer multiple advantages to users. These electronic devices supply nicotine to users in a more risk free way. Meanwhile, an electronic cigarette is powered by a rechargeable battery. The battery is the back bone of an electronic cigarette as without it the device will not function. The point to note here is that the battery can malfunction. A lot of things can cause the battery to malfunction. Following are some steps that will help you solve this problem.

1. Check if it is really the battery that is not working properly or is it some other component. Remove the battery from the filter and then reconnect it. The connection points between these two components can be loose. Loose connection points case the device to malfunction. Also, if you have an extra battery then use it to ensure that the filter is working properly.

2. Detach the lithium ore battery from the filter. Excess moisture might cause a short circuit in the control chip of the battery. Carefully observer if there is any moisture around the battery or the filter. If there is moisture on the battery then remove the battery and seal it in a plastic bag. Let the battery dry for 2 days.

3. Charge the battery after it is dry.

Of course, you can easily monitor your battery life if you use the V2 Cigs Ex Battery, which has an indicator on the actual device.

The E-Cig Ban in Wales?

By Kirk Freeman

Wales may soon ban ecigs which is the first time that has happened in the United Kingdom. This move is being largely criticized for being groundless but the law may still pass and forbid the use of ecigs in public places and office places. Many experts are of the opinion that this will push struggling vapers over the edge and may result in conversion to tobacco cigarettes. Even though ecigs are not as healthy as they were made to appear, they are still worlds better than traditional cigarettes and soon this advantage will be lost because of the upcoming ban. Officials that are pushing the ban to pass are doing so on the premises that ecigs have re-normalized a dangerous activity and given people the illusion that they can get away with tobacco and nicotine consumption.

The various vapor cigarette brands across the globe will not be happy if Wales bans e-cigs.

Officials in Wales do not recognize the so-called benefits that come with ecigs as they view smoking on any level to be a harmful and socially unacceptable activity that must be stopped and not encouraged through the provision of alternatives. Not to mention that newer research has shown the vast harmful effects of nicotine liquid which is a common ingredient in e-liquid cartridges that are used in ecigs. They also believe that the law is being undermined by the use of ecigs. Most public places and eating places ban tobacco usage and ecigs have been undermining that law even though they pose the risk of thirdhand smoke.

Some people argue that e-cig cartridge flavors are a gateway to kids.  I argue against that saying that vodka does the same thing!

There is also an air of conservatism which may not allow the trend of smoking ecigs to last. The authorities at work in England have spent far too much time and energy to make sure that people understand that smoking is a shameful activity and in no way does it make anyone more desirable. It is also believed that people that try vaping may be tempted into smoking tobacco cigarettes later on as it slowly begins to seem more and more acceptable to them. The cure is then to nip the evil in the bud before it spreads onto the more vulnerable members of society such as the teenagers who are easily influenced by bogus claims.

The electronic cigarette sales are projected to be around 2 billion globally this year. Personal vaporizers like the Vapor Brothers Hands Free Vaporizer are leading the growth curve.