Different Kinds of Vaping

By Kirk Freeman

There are different kinds of advanced personal vaporizers, with some you do not have to us any cartridges and you can vape by simply dripping some E-liquid on the coil of your atomizer, usually one to four drops would do the trick, just directly drip the desired number of drops on the coil, some coils are exposed and some are not exposed, if the coil is exposed than you can simply dip the coil in the liquid for a few seconds, this method will produce about one cigarette’s worth of puffs. If the coil is not exposed than you can drip one to four drops of E-liquid on the coil. People prefer different vaporizes, many prefer the vaporizers with the coils exposed because of its simplicity but in any case both are convenient and easy to use.

Is it safe to do this?

Safety is usually covered by the FDA, but in this case, we’re talking about advanced users of vaping.

Cartridges that have the material (filler) detached have comfortable mouth pieces so many people do this and prefer it as many atomizers come with a vacant mouth piece. The mouth piece has no filler material or stuffing and can be easily used in “dripping”. While some prefer mouthpieces some do not, many electronic cigarette users will “tail pipe”, and tail piping is basically smoking directly from the end of the atomizer. It should be noted that the atomizer can get very hot and it can be dangerous, a hot atomizer can burn your lips and tongue. So smoking and electronic cigarette with and empty cartridge or without a mouth piece can potentially be unsafe.

What will happen to my automatic battery?

It is important to know that if the E-liquid gets in contact with the battery it can make the battery useless, the liquid usually goes in the hole on the center, since it is pressure activated sometimes the liquid gets inside the hole while inhaling and once the liquid goes inside the battery there is a potential of a battery malfunction.  One battery that is not automatic, but rather manual, is the Halo Cigs Triton battery.  Made in many different colors, this battery is an absolute BEAST.

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