How to Clean Your Electronic Cigarette

By Kirk Freeman

E-Health cigarettes are one of its kind types of electronic devices that aid people in giving up smoking. These devices are widely available online in most parts of the world including Europe, America, Middle East and Central Asia. Electronic cigarettes come in various shapes and sizes. An electronic cigarette is powered by a rechargeable battery. The atomizer is one of the most important components of an electronic cigarette as it creates vapors when a user inhales a drag. Research has revealed that unlike regular cigarettes, electronic cigarettes do not contain dangerous chemicals.

The only common chemical between an electronic cigarette and regular cigarette is nicotine. However, nicotine in electronic cigarettes is in form of liquid. The battery life of an electronic cigarette is directly proportional to its maintenance. Hence, it is extremely important to clean your device frequently. The following are some tips to clean your device and ensure its smooth function.

1. As the battery is connected with the atomizer, area between these two components can attract dust. In other words, dust and particles can stick onto the connection points between the atomizer and battery. Use a lint free cloth to remove any dust and particles that might stick on this area. Make sure not to use water or any other type of liquid to clean this area.

2. In order to clean the atomizer, remove it from the battery and soak it into an alcohol based solution. Soak the atomizer for roughly 15 minutes and then take it out. Leave it to dry overnight on a clean cloth.

3. Always clean the mouth piece before using your device. The mouth piece is the part which you put in your mouth in order to take a puff. As this part is inserted in your mouth it must be cleaned to remove bacteria.